[NEW POLICY] Counting and Alphabet Forum Games

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  1. 1, 2, 3....
    It is a widely held opinion that the counting threads have reached a limit at which they are out of control on the EMC forums. Due to this, as well as their obvious overcrowding of the recent activity box lately, it is necessary for limits to be put in place. Note: these limits also apply to any 'alphabet style' game in which you go through the alphabet with different items that start with A, B, C, etc...

    After evaluating what threads are in existence, the new policy is as follows:

    What is ALLOWED:
    • Counting threads in which the counting is continuous (non-interrupted) and is occurring in a manner more advanced than simply 1,2,3, etc. (Ex: the thread about counting with pictures is being allowed to continue.)
    • Alphabet style games ARE allowed if continuous and you need to actively think of something that starts with the next letter. (Requires more than one letter to continue.)
    What is NOT ALLOWED:
    • Counting threads that include interruptions. (Ex. Keep counting until...)
    • Alphabet styles with interruptions (Ex. Keep naming until...)
    • Duplicate threads with same theme. (Ex. There is already a post about counting with pictures and it should stay as one thread only.)
    Why Staff decided the above limits:
    • Staff LOVES seeing players with active forum participation, but also has a duty to the players and a LOT of players have messaged about this issue lately. We told them we'd step in and so we did. We can't make everyone happy, but we hope to at least alleviate a main source of the problem.
    • Counting until threads are actually really confusing when you read them at different times because the ranks change. Someone who once was a free member then becoming a diamond supporter makes every post they ever made on the forums show up as diamond. A little confusing if they posted in a 'Keep counting until a supporter posts' but they were counting up...

    Count von Count enjoys counting with you! hehehe *

    *Disclaimer: Count von Count is owned by Sesame Street and not affiliated with EMC. This is a joke.
  2. 2 (Bout time though!)
  3. can't wait to take part in the new games :D
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  4. Gotta love Count von Count :D

    Interesting changes, may actually get involved with some of these threads ;)
  5. Thanks Krysyy, this was needed.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I promise I won't do what I did again. Well said.
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  7. Verry appropriate picture :p Also good to see some crackdown on the threads :p
  8. Now I can't make satirical "count until" threads. Worst rule ever /s
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  9. hahaha

    Yeah I knew they would have to make a public statement about this.

    But still, it's kinda sad they had to make an announcement about this. It's funny though, great execution.
  10. Definitely in support of this one, even though I know that some players really enjoyed themselves. Also well meant kudo's to staff for trying to regulate this in a way in which other "counting like threads" (which existed way longer) can still carry on. Something tells me that wasn't easy at first :)

    Also: apart from the obvious issues mentioned above I also can't help think that a counting thread also puts some kind of strain on the server / forum. If you post a message which merely contains "2" then the databases have to store a lot more information about that post. And considering the massive amounts of threads... I always wondered, that couldn't be good on the server either.

    So now back to our usual forum madness :)

    And if you don't like this then you can always pat yourself on the back: you finally mastered counting and the ABC, so now it's time to move on. For example interesting mathematical equations: (a + b) ^2 = ?? :D
  11. Agreed on the picture.

    But they needed the change. And it's mostly a few people who got the problem to this point (I'm one of them though).

    True. But it's sad (in my opinion anyways) when they have to make any kind of public statement because people are breaking the rules or something gets out of control.
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  12. I never thought about it being hard on the server data, but you're probably right.
  13. I feel this is the biggest thing that will try to reduce the spam which makes every skeleton happy ;)
  14. But what will we do without at least 5 counting threads active at any given time?
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  15. I only clicked on this thread coz I saw the Von Count.
  16. Count von Count = click bait :p
  17. I saw these and would participate from time to time. You are correct though, there were quite a few going on and things get confusing. Perhaps we can come up with one that is neat and not allowing us to be so spam-a-licious.......<3
  18. Explore. Build. Play legal forum games. Play other games. Enjoy the community. There are plenty of other options too.
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  19. I recently re-discovered this game called Minecraft, it's really something else! ;)

    (sorry, sorry, couldn't resist :D)