New Player Awareness Month - 2018

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  1. It is very helpful to use this /newplayer command indefinitely and I might actually use way more often ;)
  2. Normally I'm too tired and grumpy to deal with younger kids when I'm on, I'm not exactly the type to handle new kids... especially if they're kids...

    I'll try to do better though.
  3. Yayay! Hehe :)
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  4. My favourite month is back again <3
    It's always important to help new players and with the friendly community, it's easy for people to feel included and confident in what they are doing!
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  5. Hmm, if you need any help, contact me.
  6. YAY! I always look forward to this. I remember the first one EMC did I think.

    What I tell players that have done EMC for a while, is that EVERY month should be Player Awarness Month.

    Happy PAM!
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  7. I have a macro set up so that whenever I press a couple keys, it says the following in Town chat Community chat:
    "Welcome to EMC, %playername! If you have any questions, don't worry about asking, we're all here to help you!"
  8. Does that even work

    If you do %playername you don't have a designated player that it's set to... therefore in chat it would either say your name or just %playername.
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  9. He peobably wrote some extra code :p You can quite easyly get some data from the chat... it shouldn't be that dificult to detect what the name is :p
  10. I haven't tested it but I assume that for every player who sees that message it would display their own name. (like on res enter/leave messages) Thus, everyone online will get a warm welcome to EMC, no matter how long they have been there :p

    Or %playername indeed doesn't work in chat :p
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  11. That doesn't seem to work for me...

    It might work when there are other people online though... I just tested it where I logged out yesterday :p
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  12. *sweating nervously*

    hi im a new player

    you can make me feel at home by giving me free rupees (i think that's what they're called? haha) and stuff (i like rare promos, such as the *insert obscure promo from 2013*). i'm not used to the rules yet so when i break any please let me off the hook :)
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  13. *always stalking new players and throwing beacons and OP gear at them* Well i guess its just another month :D If any new players read this and want to go on some outpost tours or build a base somewhere in the frontier, i just helped a new person install a 11k block long ice boat path into the nether to help them establish an outpost. Shoot me a message on the forums or catch me in game and I will be more than happy to help. 1200+ minecraft hours, I am sure I can help with something :D

    Edit: I am kind of ashamed to say this but... the in game statistics says 114 days plays... which is over 2700 hours on emc... I kinda like it here I guess xD
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  14. Well, our mod (5zig) allows us to do that. I can show you if you ever get it. ;)
    BTW, its approved. Please don't tell me its not approved. >:p
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  15. A good thing to warn us veteran players of all those newbie new players.We'll get them off our lawn :D

    Wait, you mean to tell me that wasn't the idea? "uh oh" :D

    One of the best custom commands IMO: /newplayers :)
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  16. Hey all, one more bump until this goes into hiding for the year: Summer is here, and there will be more active players, and more new players joining emc - be nice, be helpful, be the awesome community y'all already are! Thanks so much for being the best people I know <3
  17. Yeah, it'll be Meteorological Summer in less than 2 hours where I live (it lasts from June 1st to August 31st, and the opposite season, Meteorological Winter, lasts from December 1st to February 28th (29th in leap years)). And it's already Summer Break for most areas and has been Summer weather for a while in most subtropical regions...
  18. i think we should congrat toade 4 a job well done. i srly dont think ive ever seen so many new peeps on the server as i saw last weeks ^.^

    some are really cool too!
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  19. may has ended, lets stop welcoming new players
    In all seriousness, thanks for running this yearly. I hope there's a lot more new players on EMC because of this.
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