New: EMC's Official Discord Channel

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  1. Time to get used to using this :3

    May mumble rest in peace </3
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  2. Love it! Maybe I will see some on later! :)
  3. Woo, no more ridiculous locked channels!
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  4. (that you can see)
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  5. That's fine with me! Still better than 30 channels no one used as well! It looks cleaner than the old setup which is a plus :)
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  6. #HotSpicyMemes
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  7. One of my fav discord features is hiding whose in a locked channel/hiding the channel to Roles based ranks. Helped avoid TONS of drama/other issues in other places I've been in!
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  8. I really don't care much either way. I think they both have positives and negatives. I will say it wouldn't have made much sense to have kept mumble as the times I have been on it recently it was basically deserted. It hasn't been touched on but I hope that the plan is to keep the conversations from being inappropriate and maintaining a family friendly environment for all aspects of this server.
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  9. We need a #voice text channel. Already, someone's using #general for voice, which is annoying, as people who weren't in the voice channel don't get what's going on.
    A #minecraft channel might also be nice, in case people want to talk about some things regarding this game we all know, in the Discord server.
  10. Well, the #general text channel is just the overall text channel that everyone can see. Also, Aikar also made it so you can only see the community text channels of the voice channel that you're currently in, making it a lot easier to send messages to a specific voice channel.
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  11. First off I should say that I have no vested interest in the move from Mumble to Discord. I do not get on EMC voice communication server very often for a variety of reasons. The comments listed below are why a developer might shy away from Discord.

    Having worked in Computers/IT for over 20 years and having migrated a number of applications/services from locally hosted applications/servers to 3rd party applications/servers, I know that having a 3rd party host your services can be problematic. In each case we lost some of our ability to control/configure and access the logs of the 3rd party services.

    The ideal scenario would be if Discord had a "self-hosting" package. This is very unlikely. DiscordDan made this clear in a posting on Reddit a year ago:

    The comments made by other users regarding this Reddit post are also interesting and pertinent.

    The final consideration for me is that Discord is not open source. I use as much open source as my job allows. Discord has a commitment to the people that invested $30,000,000 in the development of Discord. This includes vulture capitalists like Accel Partners, Greylock Partners, Benchmark Capital, and Tencent Holdings Limited. If you need a reference for this fact, you can go to the bottom of the Discord webpage at:

    Just wanted to post a counterpoint to the discussion.
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  12. about damn time guys
  13. Took long enough
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  14. I prefer TeamSpeak
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  15. I'm not a fan :p
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  16. I don't have a microphone so it's just more typing for me... I can do that in game..
  17. I can't use discord it makes me really laggy xD.
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  18. The one thing that I like about Discord is that it can be run in a browser, although the browser version does not support Push-To-Talk and does not support device configuration. I was told that it works best in the Chrome browser, but I have not tested this.

    The things I do not like:
    - The Discord client does not support Linux. (Neither does Ventrilo). I will have to use the browser version in this case.
    - Not open source (Neither is TeamSpeak or Ventrilo)
    - No Discord server program available. In other, words you cannot run your own in-house server.

    Based upon my criteria, I like Mumble the best, followed by TeamSpeak.
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  19. From what I have heard, that is a rather common problem with Discord, particularly in certain parts of the U.S. and the world.
  20. Huh? I think he is talking about his computer having trouble. I don't think that's got to do with location.
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