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  1. Ahhh... I have not installed the application on my desktop. The problems that I have heard about relate to Discord latency problems, which in turn create voice distortion. The reviews and comments that I have read claim that this is due to the Discord servers. Of course latency can also be related to problems with your LAN such as excessive LAN traffic or a poorly configured router.

    If DrMadFate has lag because of the application, then he should try using Discord in the browser. This worked for me.
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  2. Finally, I can vocally talk to the wonderful people on EMC using a modern platform I already use!
  3. Invitation invalid or expired
  4. Seems to be working for me. I probably don't know enough about Discord to help but I'll try anyway ehe. Might it be that you need to log in? Are you copying and pasting or typing it out?
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  5. I eventually got it to work by directly clicking the link they gave
  6. Yes it does. I've been using it on Linux for a very long time. It's Electron based, but I assume the Windows version is too.
  7. Yeah like Aikar said, it does work on Linux. It looks like it's got a public test build available
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  8. That's the stable build :p. If you press the "Get the Public Test Build" button it switches to a download for the test build (download button changes to "Download PTB").
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  9. Wowa.

  10. Yes. I can see that they now have linux client. Looks like it was released at the beginning of 2017. I first tried Discord when an icon showed up on the MultiMC tool bar; that was in January of 2016. I tried it out on Windows 10 and Ubuntu (in the browser). I did not find that the features, overall performance or voice quality was compelling enough to switch away from my Mumble server. Sounds like during the last year and a half there have been lots of additions and improvements to Discord; but with 30 million dollars of investments, most software development projects could make significant strides in features/performance... Right?
  11. Sure, but it's got to have a good team behind it, also! :) I think it is still impressive what improvements have been made to Discord!
  12. That was enlightening. When Jetbrains went to the subscription model, I moved to Atom Editor, which is based on Electron. I did not know about GitHub's Electron project. Just another good example of how behind the times I am.
  13. I'm so happy about us using discord. I could never get into mumble. THANK YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! <3
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  14. I LUV your signature! lol
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  15. Thanks XD
  16. Not
    *has already left the official discord*
    I like discord better than mumble but for EMC I think mumble worked out better
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  17. Yay, I like discord alot/use it alot, so this is good for me.
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  18. Mumble is gone

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