New Contribution Team Leader!

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  1. <insert critical comment here> :D

    Ey... you filled in the blanks so don't blame me for all that ;)

    Congrats Moople!

    ... but at the same time I also can't help wonder how many leaders it takes to run a wiki if you have plenty of devoted team members onboard. But that's as far as I am willing to take it.

    I am honestly happy for you and in all fairness I also can't rule out the possibility that part of my critical concerns comes from the fact that I have no inside knowledge on how things work right now.

    But hey... a bit of grumpyness in the evening....

    ... something in the morning?

    Oh dear, I am losing my touch :eek:

    Moving right along....

    Well, now I wanna go mining, so that worked 8)
  2. Congraties moopy

    Glad to hear some new news :3
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  3. Congrats! Looking forward to working under you Moople!
  4. This is waffully good news! (Sorry, that was pretty cringe-worthy) Congratulations 😁
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  5. Moopz, youre the best, grats! <3
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  6. Very, very well deserved. So proud of you, MM! Gonna do great.
  7. uwuuuuuuu

    yas queen!

    congratz moople!!
  8. I feel like the other day I met you, I logged in and YOU'RE ON THE CONTRIBUTION TEAM WHAT? Congrats Moople, very proud although I've been completely MIA.. I know you'll do amazing! <3
  9. Congratulations Miss Moople !!
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  10. Nice job Moople, I'm so glad you were selected! :D
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  11. Awesome! Writing is great!
    Happy for you Moople!
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  12. Well played Moops! The sky is the limit - oh wait, that's only 256 blocks. Well, you know what I mean!
  13. Shine bright like a Moople
  14. Congratulations MoreMoople! :D
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  15. mopz getting that bread! gg
  16. Wooo! Congrats Mooplez! :D
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  17. now this is what i call, and epic gamer moment
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  18. I honestly don't know what to say. Good luck, and hope for the best to come! I really do hope that you are going to be successful. Once again, good luck!
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  19. I somegow forgot to say it earlier, so better late than never: congratulations! :)
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