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Will you use it?

Yes 10 vote(s) 66.7%
No 5 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Hello, I have my very own EMC texture pack. Not much to it, but that is because I am doing things that would directly relate to EMC.

    I haven't changed much so far, but the changes I have made are pretty... odd. Feel free to download it or check out the changes in the banner/image above.

    Dropbox Download:

    To-Do List
    1. Wonder what the hell is wrong with you guys
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  2. I've seen someone else post about thinking of doing this, once before. I'm glad to see someone actually doing it now ^^ I might download it soon
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  3. I want the whole melon please lol
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  4. Suggestion: the wife fish :p I was trying to find a pixel fish with a veil, lol this is the best I could find.
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  5. Haha wow smp8 fitting too xD
  6. Totally forgot about that. I guess it's time to work on my low quality resource pack. :D
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  7. How about a Piz Arrol?
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  8. What would that replace?
  9. I... I don't even know anymore. Did I overdo it?

    All that is clear to me is that SMP8 is just... something.

    And should I add a ring or nah?

    Any improvements?

    Should I actually add it?

    EDIT: The more I look at it, the more I just give up. What the hell did I create?
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  10. Blaze rods, duh >_>
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  11. I think smp8 would be proud to slap people in the face with this fish! It's "bootiful!"
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  12. It is something that you made smp8 proud of. Definitely add it.
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  13. You can make salmon flower girls... er... fishettes!
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  14. Updated the resource pack icon AND officially added the Marriage Fish.

    Sorry, I do not plan on adding Piz Arrol to replace a current item texture. However, I might consider making it into a painting.
  15. You could make a 2x1 painting saying "Chin Broke It"
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  16. Replace chickens with Luckygreenbirds
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  17. Any idea for improvement?

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  18. Hm...

    Wondering if I should just implement lucky green bats.
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  19. Since the letters are a bit closer together I'd turn it into a hashtag. Might look a bit better. That BROKEIT looks a tad weird.
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  20. Ya could turn their models into parrots
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