Blizz Ard's back + More updates - 12/23/15

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  1. The Tale of a Battered Snow Golem
    At the end of last holiday season, Blizz Ard was quite upset with Aikar and Krysyy. After spending all winter being attacked with hardly any defense, he wasn't thrilled with the prospect of returning for another run in with players where he'd only end up beaten and bruised. So over the summer, he did his research and planned ahead. He adopted a bad-boy vibe to go along with his new plan and returned to EMC with a vengeance and a new look...

    Disclaimer: This is not how Blizz Ard will appear when on the servers. He managed to also make his new additions invisible so he appears as he did last year to the players, thus removing suspicion that he has a stronger attack and luring in the unfortunate souls that go against him.

    A New Plan of Attack
    Blizz, as he now prefers to be called, has changed his tactics. Instead of pelting you with harmless snowballs while you whack at him with a sword, he has spent all summer refining his new and improved Avalauncher. Instead of throwing harmless, yet annoying, balls of snow at you, his new machine is designed to pelt you with snowballs with 10x the force of a normal throw. That is sure to cause quite a bit of damage to an unarmored player. As a result of this increased damage potential, he is unable to carry as many health packs as last year, so his HP is drastically reduced.

    Holiday Chests Re-Appear
    Blizz Ard's magic also brought a few other surprises to the Empire from last year. You might find one of his Holiday Chests hanging around the wild with lots of goodies to spare. If you are close enough, some of the residual magic might even give you a hint of where to find it...

    Avalauncher 2.0
    But that's not all of course. The return of Blizz Ard means the return of his second and most prized possession. His Avalauncher has received a small cosmetic makeover as he told Aikar he'd be 'trippin' if he re-released a 2014 version in 2015. Conceding to Blizz's obvious knowledge of the promo market on EMC, Aikar agreed and removed the year on the item.

    You can buy the avalauncher with /tbuy avalauncher for 10,000 tokens.

    Word on the street is that Blizz personally uses this Avalauncher, so hey, maybe you can take his, but he's pretty stingy.

    In a future update, Avalauncher will be updated to do damage in PvP arenas (need to balance it properly).

    A Cold Winter Ahead
    And of course, since we mentioned his second most prized possession, it's only right that we mention his most cherished item of all: his beloved nose.

    Once Blizz returned to EMC, something magical happened. The enchanted carrot nose that Aikar was keeping in a frame on his wall beckoned to be held. While he turned it over in his palm, it no longer told Aikar that it wasn't cold enough yet. Instead, it spoke to him and told him exactly what he had to do. Careful and expecting a trap due to Blizz's new reputation, Aikar cautiously followed the instructions. A blast of cold air whooshed in and created a spiral of what Aikar could only assume was snow magic. When the miniature snowstorm dissipated, a snow golem was left standing in its place, right in the middle of Aikar's town residence. Aikar was so excited! He hadn't seen a snow golem spawn in town in a really long time and had long thought it to be impossible. He ran and shared the news with all the players so that they too could spawn snow golem friends for their residences. It seems Blizz Ard's new look and this winter was cool enough to activate the snow magic held in all of Blizz Ard's noses. :cool:

    With this much magic stored in a nose, I wonder if he's ever lost any other part of him in battle and if the snow magic was held in those parts as well...
  2. And now for the normal dev log of updates!

    • The bug causing horses to not properly return home when dismounting in town has finally been resolved.

      This was a very low level bug that might of been the source of other entity disappearing issues, so hopefully many issues are resolved now with this bug fix.
    • Special event mob tracking has been improved (For Turkeys and Blizz Ard).
      - Now shows distance in chunks ignoring Y axis, so it will say 0 if you are in same chunk regardless of Y.
      - Now shows an entity ID after each line. If you are getting multiple messages, simply note a specific ID you wish to target, and only listen for those messages.
    • Player Settings has received a UI Overhaul.
      Now broken out into groups, then when you click on the group it will give a cleaner output to modify those settings. Should make managing your player settings much easier! Thanks socks.
    • Blizz Ard now damages players (as mentioned in the first post)
    • dlog now is an alias for deathlog
    • Fixed error when trying to set a vault alias to a name already in use. the error was in trying to tell the player what they did wrong, just the message didn't get to the player due to the bug.
    • Some improvements to the Residence move code and how it 'kicks out' in some cases. Nothing to note here really, just incase something funny starts up with residence move flags and such after this update, it could be related.
  3. Looks cool! I'll have to check this out :)
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  4. Oh wow

    this kind of thing is what separates this server from all others...

    bravo aikar
  5. Just killed a Blizz and it Dropped this:
  6. First

    EDIT: you can also rename them with a nametag.
  7. Is that what the Blizz Ard Noses are used for?
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  8. They do spawn in the End, don't they?
  9. Killed one and got an arm, neat. Haven't found a chest yet, though.
  10. I knew it, the RPG actually did make an appearance on the Empire but it has nothing to do with residence permission groups at all! Guess now would be a good time for me to build a couch on my residence so that I can hide behind it :D

    Oh; and I LOVE the artwork in the OP, it had me grinning quite madly. I can picture it now... "Yo dude, 'sup? chill out yo!" <spawns blizzard storm>".

    Yeah, I think I'll hide in the Nether where its safe and warm :)
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  11. Aye! Blizz is back! Can't wait to go kill them all. ;)
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  12. Nice photoshopping ya did there :D

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  13. One has spawned near me. How do I locate it?
  14. And, do they spawn under ground?
  15. Yay! So excited! Time to go kill some blizzards e.e *looks out window for blizz* I must get it... e.e
  16. It looks really nice :D
  17. will these spawn if you have mini boss turned off in ps?
  18. yes, but i think it may require enraged to be turned on, as i think its 'if its miniboss, check miniboss setting, else check enraged setting'

    It spawns within 16 blocks of the same Y level you are at when you saw the message. So if you were underground, itll be underground...

    Every minute will print a message how far it is in action bar. keep moving until you see the chunk distance go down, meaning your going in right direction.

    It's a little game to find it.