[GLITCH] 'Marriage Squids'

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  1. Today a few of those SMP8's marriage squids decided they wanted to explore the world and escape the tank. I think this isn't supposed to happen, but it delivered some pretty funny pictures :p

    This one decided it didn't want to be a squid anymore but rather a block :D

    A few decided to go to the hot tub

    And then one decided to learn how to craft :)

    That's what ya get for joining SMP8 I guess :p
    But maybe the vet (*cough* Aikar) could catch them and throw them back into their tank ;)
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  2. so uhh.. what texture pack is that :p
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  3. Can't post a single picture without someone asking this, shame on you good sir
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  4. It's a mix of different texture packs. I can't name them from the top of my head
  5. I think that they've been going wild like this for a while now to be honest :p
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  6. How do you know they weren't supposed to be there? It's smp8 :p
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  7. Hmmmmm... Valid point :D
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