[QUESTION] How does one get married on SMP8?

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POTATO!!! 7 vote(s) 41.2%
Potato? 10 vote(s) 58.8%
  1. Title.

    Also, if you suggest who/what I should marry with a reason, and I like it, you will win a stack of coal and redstone blocks.

    However, if you suggest someone, that someone has to agree.
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  2. Poll is wrong. You get married with fish.
  3. I don't know, man. It just kinda happens. I think Seffy just started chucking fish around, and we decided it was a good idea and rolled with it.
  4. Lol this came to mind! But with an Oprah voice over, http://imgur.com/KrPYKX6 "a fish for you, a fish for you! Everyone gets a fish!!!
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  5. Step 1: find someone
    Step 2: force marry them by saying:
    - "You are now my wife/husband"
    Step 3: divorce at free will when you fancy someone else.
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  6. Choose a person, throw fish at them, and let them deal with the consequences. :cool:
  7. Fish! I have a fish from Seffy, even though I'm not from smp8 >_> Does that mean we're married?
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  8. You slap them with fish (optional) and then give them the fish.

    Marriage contracts aren't just exclusive to one person: no, smp8ers are big fans of concubinage.
  9. FTFY. Gender is irrelevant, we're all wives here.
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  10. I haven't been forced into marriage yet... Keep in mind I keep a low profile when visiting smp8.
  11. Yes...fish is marriage (ignore the correctness of english in this post and probably most of me english :p)

    Rollin' Rollin' keep those .. fish burgers(?) a rollin'.. o_o huh? Yup!! :D


    Ooooh yes! =D you so lucky:D!!

    Well... not so much that but .. "We are family!" :D
    For me I think of smp8 as a wonderfully eccentric cousin that I love and can't wait to visit cause you know... they so awesome! :cool:

    Much love for smp8 <3 :rolleyes:
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  12. He's asking about on SMP8, not just real life in general.
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  13. There is a difference? otoh... errr, forget I typed anything :p
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  14. Just find someone and chuck a renamed feesh called 'You Are My Wife Now' at them and your married. Go marry seffy
  15. In that case, I'm glad I bought a Seffy head and mounted the fish and the head on my wall.. okay that sounds odd!
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  16. lol.. No way .. It sounds just perfect. =>
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  17. You simply log in. Within 10 minutes, I guarantee you'll be married whether you like it or not.
  18. Small tip ask Seffychan.
  19. It is a random occurance...
  20. Okay. Is there a certain procedure for it? Like, do me and my husband/wife have to sign something saying we're married, do I have to propose at a certain area, etc.?