Most and Less FPS You Have Gotten

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How much fps do you always get

0 - 16 4 vote(s) 7.5%
17 - 35 4 vote(s) 7.5%
36 - 100 23 vote(s) 43.4%
100+ 22 vote(s) 41.5%
  1. Comment Down Below
    Highest Iv got

    Lowest Iv got..

  2. I've gotten multiple SPF before, and my highest sustainable FPS is around 30-35. I usually have around 20.
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  3. I generally get fps60+ range. I tend to suffer is when I run into cluttered residences with a lot of signs. (About fps 30) The only time I get fps of 0 is when I try to make a Gatling gun with tnt or I make the mistake to paste 2 million blocks in single player.
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  4. My old gaming PC could go into the hundreds, don't have many screenshots from that anymore. The PC I'm currently using rarely breaks 40.
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  5. It depends on the situation, size screen and whether or not shaders are enabled.

    Small screen with no shaders offer the most FPS :

    FPS drops a good bit when you go full screen :

    And then they drop down to normal range when SEUS shaders are enabled :

    And yes, when I am in a very taxing place with shaders on, you would think it was below Zero, which I have seen, but for the most part 40-50 with shaders is average.


    I just wanted to comment that this is on my residence in Utopia, and I don't know why it shows up as Ocean for the plot. I can only guess some Empire magic is at work, or either before my time the Empire donated all their dirt to help fill in the area that is now known as Utopia :)

    Hmm...P.S. the P.S.

    I got to thinking about this again, and remembered I had a texture pack on. So I went back in vanilla minecraft and tested again to see what the results were. I got about an extra 150 fps out of this maneuver.

    Hope all of this helps in your FPS research :)

    Okay, this is the last possible way that I know of boosting FPS other than shrinking the actual screen size. The screen size shown with the high FPS is the default size shown upon loading the game when it replaces the launcher. So what I thought about this time is the amount of tabs open in my internet browser. One would think, oh that shouldn't hurt FPS enough to make a difference, and it didn't much, but it was interesting. So here are 2 last pics to show the number of tabs, and the latest FPS.

    And then the new peak FPS.

    Sorry to keep blabbing on the topic, it was actually interesting research to me, as I have never really looked to see how high I could get it.

    Hmm...I have yet to overclock my CPU...heh...Nah, too tired to dig into that tonight. Maybe some other weekend. Have a GoodKnight :)
  6. I got like 150 last night. New high score :p
  7. 680 when I'm playing Skyblock and 200-300 at an event like firefloor, etc. Lowest is obviously 0 when going from overworld to nether in SP :mad:
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  8. My average is around about 300 fps i sometime drop to 100 and of course i have gone to 0 when at a friends Melon farm and they have 100,000 of melon slices on the floor :p
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  9. My average fps is around 60-180, depending on where I am, but the lowest I've got is 0 fps and my highest I can remember was about 383 (at render distance 16).

    However, if I am in the nether at a render distance of 2, I can get 700+ fps at times.
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  10. Lowest FPS all time : 13 FPS (Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, 1024 MB DDR-400, ATI Radeon 5200) [Minecraft 1.5.2]
    The above system doesn't meet minecraft specs post 1.6, so thats why I left that notice
    Highest FPS all time : 214 FPS (FX-8350 4.9 GHz, 16 GB DDR3-1866, AMD Radeon RX 480 1.12 MHz)

    Lowest FPS on most recent machine : 70 (as fast as the monitor I own can refresh)
    Highest FPS on most recent machine : 214 FPS

    Lowest FPS with SEUS enabled : 70
    Highest FPS with SEUS enabled : 147
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  11. On the computer i currently use, i get a steady 60 fps. the lowest fps I've gotten was 0 fps, and that highest was around 120 on my old computer.

    Edit: all of this at max settings
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  12. 400+ on average and 2.4k as highest I've only hit 0 when switching shader/resource packs
  13. 0 at mobarena
    60 on superflat
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  14. Trade your computer for a gold voucher? c:
  15. from 0 fps to 223fps
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  16. 0fps is my lowest, and 2,700fps is my highest (I no longer conduct framerate tests). My average framerate is about 100-200 (16 chunks of render distance), but I play with v-sync on to prevent screen-tearing and to prevent my GPU from getting stressed out.
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  17. Ok add another 1000 dollars and set up a place
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  18. I do usually have like 80 fps on emc, but that's because I've put that as a max, it just won't go any higher. and about 30 when I'm working on my redstone PC's (I do sometimes have like 200 chuck updates) and I think I did once get about 12 when I was working on something redstone, having four accounds AKF on emc and one at another game :p
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  19. 50 fps. :( Makes me sad. xD
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