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  1. If any of you live in the US you probably know about the tragic events that have happened in the passed few weeks (i will not say it may bring something bad up)
    I wasn't gonna make a thread about this until yesterday my neighborhood was shut down do to a man shooting 2 policemen and locking himself in a house (he is gone now)
    They are also having a memorial service to a man who died on a case that ended earlier this week
    I would like to extend my condolances to anyone who was affected by this or new anyone part of this
    thank you for listening to this and i would like to say thank you to all the men and women of any police department anywhere
  2. My sincere condolences.

    Pd: this is my 1600 post
  3. Well, I want to go on an anti-obraindead rant so much!

    Sorry to hear this is effecting you so closely as opposed to my position. This is the result of the current state of our country. The downtrodden are resorting to violence to combat the injustices they feel are being done upon them. It doesn't make it proper. It is just easy to see where this is going. Just look at the history of Hitler and how he became the tyrant he was.... It wasn't a negative campaign in the beginning. It started with the socialist agenda we are being overrun with now....
  4. It just sounds like this person was insane.

    These men and women, my brothers and sisters in arms, are being denied their constitutional right to bear arms once they leave the service. This is a blatant attack on law abiding, competent and fully functional American Heroes. They were employed by the very same government, which now wants to revoke their rights to continue to utilize the weapons and firearms they were required to utilize in the defense of this great nation. This very act is a direct violation of our basic human rights to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government.

    I swore to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both Foreign and DOMESTIC!

    I will die with pride in my heart fighting to the death to protect the very foundation of the country I went to war for without question!
  6. I am going to leave now... it is best for me and my control of anger.

    Every single time I hear about weapons, it is an attack on law abiding citizens by utilizing examples of scum. I have had many occasions to utilize my weapon in protection of myself and the innocent around me. Last night in fact.
    If the punk wasn't such a ****, I would have had to take his life. Lucky for him, he didn't have the strength of ignorance on his side to discharge his firearm, obtained illegally, to take the life of an unarmed victim.

    I phoned the police, they arrived and did their civic duties without firing a single shot on this armed felon. I have PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Angry outbursts and yet I still have the good damn sense to think before I act!
  7. Yeah, its sad what has been happening, you have my silence :)
  8. Depressing, you may have a Cookie if you meet me on SMP1 :)

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  9. Honestly, (And i do not mean to start and arguemnt), but this is why guns should be banned/restricted from the USA. If they were banned, we would never have this problem!
    A few months ago, a shooting also took place on my street. An oriental man came into his boss's home, shot his boss AND his wife, killing them both. The 18 year old daughter escaped from the back window, and a co-worker at the house wreseled the gun from the man. He has been caught now
  10. Please don't post things like this, it is propaganda. Although it is unfair that prople are being deprived of the 2nd amendment they must take it up with a court. Also, I'm sorry to be a jerk, but the constitution does not say you may bear arms no matter who you are for what ever you want, it says " A well-regulated milita, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." -The United States Constitution, 2nd amendment.
    I am scencerily sorry that recent events have affected you in a negitive way, and I offer my condolences to the victims, their and the shooters family, and all those who where affected.
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  11. ......Amen brother. Thank you for your service to our country.
  12. I also do not think this is a good place for an argument, but I would just like to point out that guns laws don't restrict guns to criminals. Thats the whole point of being a criminal. If you're willing to murder someone, I really don't think having to break the law to get a gun is going to stop you.....the only thing its going to do is take guns away from law-abiding citizens....the ones being attacked by criminals with their illegally obtained firearms. Also, people will kill people whether they are doing it with a gun, a knife, or their bare hands.
  13. Imagne this:
    Your sitting at home, when a man breaks into your house. You have a gun in your living room. you grab it and shoot the man dead.
    BOOM. he's gone.
    Now without the gun:
    Your sitting at home, when a man breaks into your house. You run for the kitchen, and grab a knife. you stab his legs, and he crumples to the ground. He is later arrested.
    See? you do not need guns for self defense.
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  14. Believe me, banning them is not the solution. In my country they are kinda banned and is worst than usa. Assasins manage to get them. They can go to a gun shop with a knife and steal guns. They can Also rob them from army or many other things.
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  15. Fear will make it much harder to get up close to an intruder. Your example works for a trained professional, not your average citizen. Plus, its not all about self defense.
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  16. Could you expand a bit more?
  17. Yes, but most of these criminals have firearms, good luck getting him with the knife.

    EDIT: Since I have posted, I might as well add this:
    I am so sorry you had to witness something like this iball. I just don't understand why... It makes no sense that this happens.
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  18. No matter how you interpret the 2nd amendment, taking guns away from law abiding citizens and leaving only the government with guns will make it so that if (God forbid) the government does go infringing on our other rights like freedom of speech, religion, and others, we would be powerless to stop them. How about dem apples?
  19. You got to use your brain. You know your house- the intruder does not. Use that to your advantage, and get the jump on him/her