Moderators Wanted!

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  1. WOOHOO! The empire is growing fast! With all these new players we need more moderators on the server to help out. This is NOT a new revision of the staff application. This is a reminder to all players that if you think that you have what it takes to be a moderator for our great server you should apply!

    What Are We Looking For?
    • Community Leaders
      • All of our staff are comfortable with taking a leading role and being a moral example for all players, new and old alike. The staff strives to be the best that it can possibly be in order to maintain the Empire and its amazing player base.
    • Activity In-Game and on Forums
      • We expect our staff to be available to assist players in game and on the forums with questions or to monitor the chat using our moderation tool: Square. We are looking for active players in all different time zones to better suit our player base.
    • Patience and Kindness
      • Sometimes as a staff member you are often in the middle of upwards of 5 conversations at once. We expect our staff to be able to handle each conversation as if it were the only one going on. Sometimes it gets hectic, but we want staff that are going to try their best to make sure that each player gets the individual attention that they deserve.
    • Fairness in All Situations
      • Our staff are known for being unbiased in any and all situations. Our staff does not hold grudges against nor associate themselves with drama between players.
    • Maturity and Responsibility
      • The staff is known for being mature and handling each report to the fullest of our ability. The staff are in place not to 'police' the chat, but rather to serve as a guiding hand to all players and to encourage community interaction. While some punishments are issued in order to guarantee the sanity of chat sometimes, this is not the moderators' primary purpose. While age sometimes plays a role in maturity, this is not always the case.
    • Knowledgeable Players
      • The staff are consistently asked very basic minecraft and Empire Minecraft specific questions. The staff has first hand knowledge of changes occurring on the Empire and should be able to answer most questions that players ask. While they may not be able to quote the answer exactly, they should have the ability to direct any player to the place where they can best attain the information.
    • Trustworthy Nature
      • Empire Minecraft Staff is expected to keep the secrets of the Empire Staff. This is included but not limited to player alts, future plans in development, etc.
    If you feel that you have what it takes to be a moderator on Empire Minecraft, please apply. You cannot be considered for the position without an application in our system.

    The Application can be found here: CLICK ME FOR STAFF APPLICATION!!!

    Please do not bug staff in-game or on the forums about any pending applications. We will contact you if you are chosen to join the team.

    That being said, please note that even if you aren't chosen immediately, you shouldn't feel discouraged. Sometimes it takes time to meet all of the traits of being a moderator. Keep playing and being helpful to others and you never know when you may get a message in your inbox asking you to be staff.
    Let's continue to make the Empire the best that it can be!
  2. Oooo, mawderators :p
  3. such moderator
    dammit, seconds :mad:
  4. #Let'sContinueToMakeTheEmpireTheBestThatItCanBe!
  5. #CheckYoSpelling
  6. Good to hear :)
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  7. Glad to hear good ol' EMC is still accepting moderator applications as we grow! :D
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  8. Wonder who'll be accepted this time? :D
  9. I think they will be players...
  10. Gandalf once said "Bring Some Moderators to smp3"
  11. You crazy, everyone knows SMP3 is automoderated by the ghost of D1223M.
  12. really? I thought they would be blocks
  13. *finds fitting meme*
  14. gg
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  15. *bows*
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  16. There are a lot of people who have what it takes to be staff members, hope we see some more green names around here. :)
  17. #ModeratorsWanted
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  18. I wonder if I should apply..
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