Misc Updates / Bug Fixes - 5/18/15

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  1. There's been many updates since 1.8 that I didn't make a thread for, but going to make one for this since we have many things going all at once.

    • Fixed issue with Monuments spawning in Rivers in the Wild...
    • Added a /ping command to see your current ping
    • Added Daylight sensors to redstone flag
    • While unlikely to of been an issue, made sure sponges cant absorb water outside of its residence.
    • Fixed Red Sand, 1.8 Doors and Comparator shop signs
    • Enderman now honor enderpearl flag - should help fix Endertopia (soon)
    • Extra Safeguards for falsely triggered "World you were in no longer exists."
    • Books should no longer say "Copy of" when copied now
    • These next were over past few updates but noting so its known:
      • Reduced Netherhounds "Howl" mode strength. Anytime a netherhound howls, it and nearby hounds "Enrage" and get temporary strength. 1.8 mechanics made this boost stronger and was really hurting...
      • Made Holograms no longer have a hitbox so arrows and interaction isnt blocked.
      • Fixed bug where error messages was able to spam again
    And in related news - Chicken is done with schooling (I think?) and back to flooding me with changes again!
  2. first

    EDIT: Thanks aikar for fixing the bugs. Also, can't wait for more changes chicken
  3. Yeah, Out for summer break; from school
  4. Awesome. Kudo's for picking up on the daylight sensor issue so quickly, I'm sure that's going to please a lot of players!

    And yah, #CheerForChicken(eer) :D
  5. Yay! Now time to fix my forum avatar!
  6. Nice set of fixes :) I'm still holding out for the Enchantment / anvil / repair tweaks though. Please cure us of the entropy curse ;_;
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  7. OH forgot an update on the list - Books should no longer say "Copy of" when copied now.
  8. Experience Points overall I'm currently reviewing and considering some overall major changes. So not gotten to all those yet.
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  9. Wow! I had no idea you'd push the fix this fast. Thanks Aikar, you rock!
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  10. Thanks Aikar!
  11. Yay for the hologram fix! It was funny seeing everyone trying to click the button at firefloor with a hologram in front of it.
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  12. Cool stuff! =)

    Also, congrats on chicken for mod!
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  13. Is there going to be any kind of "info box" added for how many enchant levels it takes repair an item? This would be very nice for preview signs in shops. would also be nice as a requirement in auctions, otherwise you have the same problem as selling horses without listing stats or the bonus chest. Currently all enchanted items are blind auctions.

    Also there was the horse bug, don't know if that was fixed. The pigmen thing? Didn't experience that one myself.
  14. *Waits for invisibility potion to be useable*
  15. is 79 ping good?
  16. Any info about reduced drop rates on mobs? More so about all other mobs besides guardians.
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  18. Baby horses appear grown up to me, and I can only tell that they're still babies by their name tag being in their belly. Anyone else have this problem?
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  19. Chicken and cow mob heads still broken >.>.... The /vault trick doesnt work on them.

    Please aikar, return anvil mechanics back to EMC logic =.=

    *watching others lose their near-roleplay-type, named and highly enchanted gear >not< used in pvp*
  20. I don't think it's a bug but Name changes would be nice in the nearest future...