Misc Updates - 3/28/16

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  1. Been a while since we had an update. Have many things in progress, namely 1.9 and Anti Grief, but Chicken has thrown lots of code at me (how rude!) and got other misc things to go out!

    • Improved /res info to be clickable with fancy chat stuff to set flags
    • Added stat (counts) to /res tag list
    • Prevent losing eggs when using spawn eggs over entity limit
    • Fixed ability for us to deploy shop world updates w/o server reboots
    • Added a container:Preview flag. You must type /togglepreview and have preview flag and you can preview chests on a residence.
    • Added minecart:ride flag - Please grant people this flag if you wish for them to ride your minecarts
    • Fixed bug if you logged into event world it sent you to bad places in the wild.
    • Fixed bug with deleting res permission groups
    • Automatically make res perm group names longer if they were made too short before the limits was added.
    • Fix renaming res locations
    • make server clickable in /f online
    • Made EMC show up to 1.9 clients like normal, but properly give the https://update.emc.gs link
    • /res set/pset/gset now will point to the chest interface for setting res permissions.
    • Preview signs will work for more containers other than just chests.
  2. First! (maybe) And these changes will be slightly more helpful to me!
  3. first nice
  4. Nice update :D
  5. One day 1.9 will come!
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  6. lol ninja'd
  7. Keep up the great work Aikar
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  8. Nice, thx for the work!
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  9. This is cool
  10. Psst, I've been live streaming working on 1.9 stuff tonight btw! Apparently my sig lies
    nothing much "Fun", Server side work (migrating lots of our changes to Paper)

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  11. I know it's mentioned here. But this is a new feature :) That was requested somewhere in the suggestion box I think.

    Also people should take a look at /res info. It is a bit nicer. ;)

    Edit: and Preview signs will work with more types of inventories (not just chests)

    Edit 2: Updated original post.
  12. Methinks you messed up, Cupid Bow is in the /shop for whatever reason :p
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  13. Oh, and one more thing I just remembered. Did some command magic. And...
    /res set (Residence) will open the chest interface. Instead of needing to use /res cset.
    Similarly with /res pset <Player> and /res gset.

    They still work the original ways as well

    Edit: Updated original post.
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  14. Well time to test out the new fix!

    Worked good
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  15. well update did work with me inside, but shouldn't the St, patrick promo be in the shop(don't really know if you removed it due to time)
  16. I think its served its time for a promo.
  17. Nice

    Did you also fix the pvp glitch or is that on the list still?
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  18. Should be fixed
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  19. So in other news everyone can stop going nuts over gold =P
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