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  1. Hey all, a small update went out overnight. We are bringing on more staff to the team soon™, but we will never have coverage 24/7/365. So the system is now programmed to tempmute a user for 1 hour if they receive 5 reports in a short time window. Staff will still review the reports, but this will help bridge the time gap between reports being made and staff action being taken.

    Why make this thread? Well I need to make the community aware of this change, so you know more reports does make a difference. Most incidents currently do not get 5 /reports. So still /report and /ignore.
    But also, I need to highlight the staff policy of a minimum 2 day ban for intentional false reporting. A tempmute troll is not going to be worth getting banned over. Obviously you are okay to make reports made in good faith.

    Have a great Easter weekend everybody!
  2. I wonder if the community is mature enough for this. Maybe. :)
  3. I mean, if they are not. They are going to give themselves the boot - given this warning - haha.
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  4. Depends. Also emc should hire more staff to make emc more clean
  5. Thanks, chicken! I hope that this will help a bit in moments that a staff member is not available. Have a great weekend everyone. :)
  6. the first tink i dit tink of and than ther is a 2 day ban oof why
  7. I like your thinking.

    /report chickeneer
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  8. I think this is a lot of our concerns. We want a system that works, without abuse of power.

    I like the idea of it. When you weigh all the eggs in the basket... yeah it’s a good addition with clear intent. I hope it doesn’t become an issue too!
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  9. Sounds like a good update, the maturity thing shouldn't be an issue since you'd need 5 immature people to false report - excited to meet the new staff!
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  10. cant wait tho kill the new staff and put ther heads on my wall
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  11. i feel as though this will be abused... but awesome feature in the meantime! :D

    will help tons with those script kiddies who spam with numbers to get around the spam filter and typically get away with it, lol
  12. You implemented it less than 24 hours after the reminder. :)
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  13. This will be the one and only notice about it. Generally speaking, new players will not know about it.
    Besides, they would be trading a ban for a 1 hour mute. Seems like a minor inconvenience to anyone that just wants to play the game. Chat is what makes multiplayer, but you can still do everything without it.

    Also, staff protocol will be to remove the auto mute and administer the appropriate punishment for each situation. The abuse would only be in place in the time it takes for a staff member to react.
  14. Some extra commentary. No one likes people that constantly tell other people how to live/behave so be considerate of people's individuality. Reports are designed for notifying staff when staff need to get involved. A minor chat infraction should really lead to a warning from those active in chat at the time.

    What would staff do in X situation? If the answer is to warn and move on without muting/banning. Maybe that isn't a time to report them. Certainly not a time to message everyone online and tell them to /report for the purpose of getting them muted. That would be an improper use of the report system.
  15. you can apply to become emc staff if u wish, at modapp.emc.gs
  16. am i new staff ??
    if i am new staff i need tho kill me self for my head releases
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  17. Thanks for the extra comments, any concern I might have had has been taken away. :) Although always having staff online would of course still be good, but that's besides the point.
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  18. I think this is an excellent plan for those overnight hours where problems have arisen in the past and there was no way to get help.
    There have been times where some of us considered that even though those players finally got bored and left, they would never receive any staff discussion/interaction for what they did wrong.
    Over night trolls are not the norm, but they are a real pain. Chat at that hour is quiet and used for when players genuinely need help. Trolls can interfere with that.