Minecraft story mode, easy cashing?

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  1. Hi gang!

    So I was looking up some Minecraft related topics this morning when I ran across a new game being developed: Minecraft Story Mode.

    It's basically an interactive adventure game which takes place in the Minecraft universe. Note that it doesn't feature any of the known NPC's (such as Steve or Alex) but instead they introduce several new characters which live an adventure in the Minecraft universe.

    Here is the trailer:

    It is said that there will be 7 chapters in total. So basically: 7 separate games for you to buy and finish before you can end the adventure, or so I think. So while looking at this trailer I couldn't help notice that the fighting mechanics seem to follow the ideas behind the upcoming Minecraft version a bit. In case you're wondering: the new Minecraft snapshots are available, you can read more about those in this thread.

    And well, I dunno about this new game. It's not something I'd be spending my money on. I mean; if you already got Minecraft (with the adventure mode) then you already got yourself one heck of a toolkit to create some adventures of your own.

    But here's what I'm wondering about... Would it be possible that Mojang actually changed the fighting mechanics in Minecraft so that it would better "fit" with whatever we'll get in this new adventure game?

    I mean... 1.8 also changed a lot but at least we got something out of it as well. New stone blocks, new generated structures and whole new redstone possibilities through using the slime block.

    Granted: 1.9 also gives us new generated structures (the new End islands) but only while making an already tedious process (enderman grinding to get enough pearls so that you can go to the End) even more tedious because of the changed fighting mechanics.

    What do you think?
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  2. They're turning Minecraft into a franchise now. To be honest, I don't know whether it'll work out for them. While the core game still exists, there's going to be so many different things that I think it's just going to get confusing and while they'll make money, they'll have this really awkward player base.
  3. It is extremely stupid. If you want to do something stupid, Mojang, sell yourself to Microsoft for -- Oh, nevermind.
    (Yes, I know that Notch got rich off of that [got?], but it was kind of dumb in my opinion.)

    I hope that 1.9 wasn't just because of that daft game.
  4. I won't be getting it. The trailer was pitiful. I could probably download a better adventure map. Until something seriously changes, there is no chance I'll be considering it.

  5. In my opinion, they should be spending the resources on the game that they know is a huge money maker, and not something that is just a disguise to take money from parents of young children who love minecraft.
  6. If the game is cheap, I may try the first episode just to see what they turned Minecraft into.

    EDIT:After re-watching the trailer I have decided that I will not be trying this game.
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  7. Let me say this first - I am pretty sure Minecraft: Story Mode predates the Microsoft.
    I will certainly not be buying this game. I would rather play adventure maps with some friends. Hopefully, somebody will have the ability to make this game an adventure map. Imagine that.
  8. This is a terrible idea. I don't trust TTG to make a good adaptation out of this. Not only this but I think its absurd that they are selling the story mode game separate from the original. That's like selling multiplayer for COD separately, and we all know how badly that would end.
  9. Considering Mojang couldn't make another successful game if the fate of the universe depended on it, it's either keep milking the old dried up cow that is Minecraft or go bust.
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  10. If only the graphics in the trailer were as good as in game. But although I don't think it's a good idea for a story mode, I'm going to wait and see what it's like before I judge it
  11. Well, one thing to keep in mind: this isn't Mojang who's making this new adventure game. Which is another reason why I'm a bit skeptical. They're collaborating with TellTaleGames who are the developers of the game, also see this blog post. And those guys are known to try and get associated with a well known game brand and then try to make some kind of adventure out of it.

    Well, and Minecraft is a very well known game brand :)
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  12. The 'several chapters' are released as episodes within the game. They cost nothing more than £20 altogether :p

    Source: I have played most of TellTale's previous games. I might buy this, since it will pretty much be an interactive animated Minecraft movie with Lee from TT's The Walking Dead and Ellie from The Last of Us, among other great voice actors :p
  13. They are slowly ruining minecraft little by little. I don't like 1.9 at all. Change has never been good just because it's not what you're used to, but I could live with 1.7 and 1.8. They were still cool updates, but 1.9 oh man :\
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  14. You really cannot blame them for 1.9. Minecraft players have basically been asking for a revamping combat system and now they are complaining because they have it.
  15. I won't be getting this personally, doesn't feel right for the franchise but eh, we'll see how it turns out...
  16. I have not seen anyone ask for a new combat system. and if there has been a few it hasn't been a widespread request.
  17. Well, I'll be quick to admit that the first time I'd heard about this, I was very skeptical too, I didn't think something like this was really needed or would even work. But after sitting down and listening to to details of this game for about an hour or so, I was feeling better about it. It really sounds like a great game that can stand on it's own away from the main game. Billed as more of a "story within the Minecraft universe" and not "a story about Minecraft".

    And for those asking, there will be 5 episodes, each at about 5/6 dollars each.
    Also: you can watch the Minecon panel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfFgbYMeJb4
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  18. I won't be a customer. 5-6 dollars can get you a sweet game (or even several) on Steam that you will play and enjoy for much longer than a single episode of Minecraft. The value would be horrible.
  19. Still better than most dvd's, though.