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  1. With the release of MC 1.17.1, what are you looking forward to the most?


    As a new Item you should be able to (Cover me in copper), maybe in the future

    I suppose you could add (Cover me in emerald)

    Maybe EMC could add the crafting ability!!
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  2. Personally, Deepslate and Pointed Dripstone are my things I'm looking forward to. I always need more grayish blocks and the Pointed Dripstone can make teeth in my statues/beasts look so much better!
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  3. Axolotls.

    New armor types such as copper would be impossible without the use of mods. Although you could add a custom crafting recipe using copper ingots and give a type of armor that already exists such as iron or gold.
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  4. I am looking forward to the Elytra’s. It will be nice not to have to place block paths from end island to end island.. definitely will be saving inventory space once I get my hands on one of those new back gliders.
  5. ok then.

    I think the candles look pretty cool.
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  6. Copper and lightning rods. :)
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  7. You mean, coloured water or juice botles :p
  8. Well when you get one, remember to pop on by /v 13131 mall bulk buy shop and pick up some rockets :p
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  9. If the glow squid is included that would be nice for glowing item frames. They would look cool and would make shopping easier when the shop is dark due to the lighting glitch.
  10. Elytra have been in since 1.9, actually, which is when end islands were added. :confused:

    I didn't remember very well what things were in 1.17, so I watched MCAdmin's update video, which I hadn't done before yet.
    I most look forward to the spyglass!
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  11. Dang.. lol, I thought this was a talk about a different update.. Now that I know what update this is I’ll be very excited about it when we do update.. I can’t wait for the tropical fish and the coral.. Oh my gosh, all those coral colors and the Dolphins.. Dolphin speed for the win, am I right.
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  12. You just want to pirate :aikar:
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  13. I haven't looked into updates for years, but this update has been an exception. The spyglass is the best thing I've ever seen, so I'd want that first.
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  14. Hm, not necessarily, it just looks fun to use, and potentially useful too. :p I remember using the Optifine zoom feature in the past, but this looks a lot cooler and doesn't feel cheaty.
  15. I haven’t tested the spyglass out but all I’ve seen so far is the ability to use it in the right arm and not the left which would be a lot cooler so you could shoot a bow while looking through the spyglass.
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  16. Optifine zoom or fabric equivalent and spy glass makes super zooooom!
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  17. All the plant things - azalea, moss, cave vines, lichen, etc.
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  18. So you get zoom Zoom :eek:
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  19. I lichen them all too ;)
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  20. PhoenixSC on Youtube made a great video about this. :rofl: :lmao: