Major Voting Improvements!

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  1. The voting system has received a Major upgrade!

    Rupee bonus intervals have been tweaked to occur more often and more bonus tiers added!

    Players reaching bonus level 100 can expect a massive reward...
    Players already over the new tiers will receive it on their next "new" vote Bonus!

    .... but it gets better!

    ITEMS have also been added to voting rewards!
    Diamonds, Emeralds, Vault Vouchers, Stable Vouchers, Exclusive Voters Armor that is UNBREAKABLE and has your name on it, as well as one other collectors item can now all be obtained by voting!

    Keep up those big vote bonus chains and get rewards!

    But were still not done! TopG is our primary focus site for voting, therefor the bonus for voting on it has been increased to 300r!

    .... and one final update! Voting will now notify you if you are in game that you were rewarded and show you your new vote bonus value!

    Keep up the voting everyone, we appreciate it!
  2. Is sponge still a work in progress? I heard you mention it but is that an after dtombs thing?
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  3. So by unbreakable do you mean it wont ever show any damage bar or anything? :D Cause if so that's cool. :D
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  4. This is very interesting. Definitely something that gives a reason to continuously vote. But man do I hate those captchas. If they were just a quick word or numbers to type that'd be fine. But finding the picture that goes with the word is too darn time-immense and gets old fast.
  5. Just a question, if we do get these items where will they appear? My guess would be from a mail delivery.
  6. Guys, this is so...Epic!
    They indeed are mailed to you!
    The items are Amazing! Well worth keeping up the vote streak!
  7. Awesome! Bigger bonus's, more rupees, incredible new armor!
    Gotta say I'm quite blown away by the excitement.:D
    Thank you!
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  8. Arg.. I try to vote every day, but i'm not on at regular 24hr intervals, so I keep loosing the bonus.

    I don't know how you calculate the timeframe to continue the bonus, but can it be extended longer? like maybe 47hrs within the laste vote? So if I cannot vote exactly 24hrs and 1 second within the last vote, i still have all the next 'day' to get my vote in before I loose my bonus.

    Otherwise, cool! More worth making sure we vote often and consistantly.
  9. Scruffy your not alone, even when I have time to vote, I almost always forget it till after I lose the
    bonus streak. Lol ... so frustrating.:rolleyes:
  10. The trick really is to stagger votes, do some at one point of the day, then the rest at another, and you will always be able to keep up.

    Other wise you rely on all of the voting sites re-vote schedule to keep the bonus which is tricky.

    Allowing 48 hours wouldn't be voting every day, but we do give up to 30 hours before losing your bonus.
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  11. Ah, that works? ok, I can do that. cheers.
  12. Hey, this is awesome. Only problem is, I vote every 24 hours, but only get 1 voting bonus. How do I get mine to go higher?
  13. I'm pretty sure you can only get a bonus of +1 once each day. IE. whether you vote once, or 10 times a day, you only get +1 bonus each day you vote.
  14. Oh, so if I have a voting bonus +1 for 100 days, that's 100 bonus?
  15. bonus goes up for every day you vote continuously w/o missing a day.
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  16. No, you have a bonus of +1. that's it. :) you will see it go up each day you vote without missing a day. So if your bonus is only 1. you didn't vote yesterday, and it reset to 0?

    Where's the thread explaining the new vote system? :) I forget, but I think Aikar made it so if you have a bonus streak of like 100, and you miss voting 1 day, it only drops you down to like 70 or something, rather than wiping your entire bonus streak. but a bonus of 5 or something just drops to 0 if you miss a day.
  17. Praise the lord! Aikar!
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