MAJOR Update to Player Event Hosting!

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  1. both of you basically said the same thing so i'll quote you both

    there are things that you can and cannot automate. you cannot expect staff to constantly monitor new profile pictures since they happen so frequently, that needs to be an automated system even though it has the same potential problems.

    things like this occuring ingame, on the forums and on discord are different issues, and there are moderators watching those most of the time and they already have built in filters to prevent most of the stuff i was talking about, so comparing this to a completely unfiltered automated system isn't fair.

    discord statuses are completely outside of emc's control, so also a completely different story. this however, is completely unprotected, as far as i can tell there are no safeguards in place at the moment to stop people posting whatever they want, thus having this be an automated system is bad, since this is something that can be done simply without automation. its a nice feature to have and all, but its going to be abused, things like this always are. its just a matter of time.

    let me be clear here, i dont hate this feature, it just astounds me that there is no protection built into this against... well anything really.

    can you elaborate on this, since it may invalidate some of my points.
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  2. I really think this is a neat idea. :D Ty Emc
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  3. The form simply fills out and automatically adds to a Google calendar. In order to delete anything on the calendar, it is one right click and one regular click on the delete icon. All empire Minecraft staff will have access to do this by the end of today.

    It's just like all staff have access to ban players on discord for having inappropriate statuses or pictures. Once it's reported, it takes almost no time at all.

    The reality is that once the excitement over this feature dies down, we're only going to have a couple submissions per week. We are trying to automate where we can, with known gauged risk factors, in order to make processes more smooth.

    Note that the broadcasts to in-game are not automatic. They must be Entered into the broadcast system after we receive the form. Only the calendar update is automatic.
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  4. alright cool, that's atleast something. i cannot look behind the scenes so i do not know what you already have, but personally i believe that if you're going to stick with this system there should be an automated message sent to a channel in staff chat that details exactly what was submitted. remove the entire need for submissions to be reported and just allow staff to deal with it before it's a problem for anyone, seems like a much safer option.

    plus yeah, i assumed that broadcasts wouldnt be automatic, that wouldve be disastrous.
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  5. There are limitations as to what we can put in place. This form does not integrate into the EMC report system because it's not in-game EMC... just like forum reports are necessary and we don't have an alert for every post made.
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  6. Woohoo!! Very excited for this! :D Get those player events rolling! ;)
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  7. This is so epic, thank you so much!
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  8. Ohhh yeahhh!
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  9. This is such a great addition to the forums! It is certain to get a lot of use and bring the community closer. \o/
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  10. By the way, is there an easy way to view the calendar, without memorising the url? I had to search the wiki for it.
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  11. Events tab at the top of the page.
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  12. Cool additions! :D

    It's interesting how you missed it, as it's literally to the left of the Wiki tab. :p
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  13. It is indeed!
    Reconsidering, I don't think I searched the wiki for it: I looked under the Community tab, under which is Events, which leads to a wiki page with a link to the calendar.
  14. Huh, doesn't clicking on Events in the community thingy immediately lead to the calendar?
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  15. Nope. The Events tab does, though. :)
  16. Oh, I meant actually clicking on Community, and then on Events. :) The Events dropdown, which I didn't see until now as I was on my phone, does indeed first go to a different page on the wiki. :p
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  17. You can also just go to, which is easier than remembering the full URL :p
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  18. Does this mean that player hosted events on games are also in the works? :love: :<3:
  19. technically this was always possible with the games that are available to be player-started. just get a group together and go play "game x"

    i don't foresee them adding player-start to things like firefloor or Mob Arena, though. So, i guess it depends on what you meant by "player hosted events on games."
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  20. Sorry for a (very) late reaction (first time I read this) but I still wanted to share how cool this update is!

    Although I don't do much with events myself I know plenty of friends who do and who really put in a lot of effort to make all of it work. So I think it's awesome that those players can see their event get a little more "semi-official" like this, including the broadcasts!

    Very impressive!

    I am especially impressed with the automatic nature of it all. Or... to be more precise: I really admire how well EMC has managed to implement some website services into the game itself. See... I sometimes buy support vouchers, even though I finally have an option to enjoy a subscription.

    Well, this is a theory of course but something tells me that Kryssyy doesn't keep some poor staffer locked up in a basement somewhere with the sole task of manually /mail'ing vouchers whenever a confirmed & verified order comes in (at least I really hope not! :eek:). :D

    But that part always impresses me a little: getting in-game action (system acount mails you the vouchers) triggered by something you did on the website.

    SO yah, for me this is a very interesting continuation of that setup, and even though I don't think I've seen it in action just yet I still think it's a very impressive feat!

    Thanks for all the effort that must have gone into this... for reasons shared above I think it's really impressive!
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