MAJOR Update to Player Event Hosting!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, May 14, 2020.

  1. I thought I had seen at some point that that was a feature that was being worked on
  2. i just meant gathering a group manually (gather friends or ask in c-chat) and then go play the games we have access to starting on our own.

    it's nice we have this player event automation and calendar upgrade; it definitely makes hosting events more attractive (including events on the games server).
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  3. Issue:
    When I click on an event, the info comes up. It says that there is a forum thread for it, but I cannot click on it or copy and paste. Nothing. Other than memorizing it (not gonna happen for me) is there a way to make that url be clickable?
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  4. I actually don't think that's possible using the notification system. Maybe some other way could be implemented. In the meantime, is it really so hard for you to remember 5 digits for a second or two? :) Remember you don't have to type the name of the thread.
    Edit: Sorry, considering you're not as experienced as some of us, you might actually not know how. :) So I'll explain in case that's right. There are three main ways to link to this thread you are watching right now:

    All of them work just the same. :) (and in your address bar, you can omit the "https://", as your browser will assume it by default)
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  5. Nope. No idea. I can just use the 5 digits?
    and it doesn't matter which category they posted the thread to? They all go to the same ??
    Because yes, that is something that i could remember.

    If that's all it is, perhaps add a note to the top for those of us who don't adventure onto the forums all of the time - just got comfortable navigating for pete's sake :p
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  6. Yup. :) It's probably not so well-known because you will rarely need it (I personally use it only when I don't have enough room for the full url in a status or when I want to link to a thread from in-game). In this case it would be much preferred if you could indeed simply click the link, or even just copy it. But if that can't be done, or until it is done, you can use this method. :)