MAJOR Update to Player Event Hosting!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So this has been in the works for a while, but everything is finally ready!
    Events (and especially player-hosted ones) just got a major overhaul and we hope that we'll see more player events popping up as a result.

    So What's New?
    • Events Calendar
      • New graphics for differing events:D
      • New fancy submission button (can't miss it) leading to a new fancy formo.(o)
      • AUTOMATIC adding from submission form (did I mention Automatic????):eek:
        • Please don't abuse the automatic nature and submit things that aren't events. This is not for shop advertising or auctions. This is to make staff lives easier, so don't complicate it by abusing the new toy or we'll have to take it away.:(
      • 3 specific categories for One-Time Player Events (Set date and time required prior to submission)
        • Community Event
          • Drop parties, birthday parties, mining events, maze races, etc that fit into the Misc Player event category
        • Grand Opening
          • Mall and casino openings, or any other your red ribbon events
          • never miss a player residence opening event
        • Contest Deadline
          • Writing Contests, Graphics Contests, etc
          • Know when the deadlines are upcoming so you can get those last-minute submissions in
      • Player recurring events :cool:
        • If you qualify, access to your own calendar to maintain and update your schedule as needed. Personal graphic creation upon request. Graphics are 98 x 40 with white background, yellow text.
        • Message Krysyy directly if you wish to have your event considered. If she notices your event and thinks it qualifies, she may contact you instead.
          • Ex: TBird's weekly Mining Events were the guinea pig ;)
      • Player event broadcasts:love: :<3:
        • Sent 35, 20, and 5 mins before the event
        • Set up in advance and sent out automatically at the set time intervals. Don't expect these on same-day submissions.
        • 3 Choices for banner design. Customizable color, subject to approval by staff. Please no super rainbows....3 Line messages set by player.
        • Not applicable to Contest Deadline event submissions
    A special shout-out to Aikar for coding in broadcast scheduling so that staff don't need to send out the broadcasts manually and we can set them in advance instead. :aikar:
  2. Note, if you recently submitted an event to the Calendar and your event has already been added, please message Krysyy to give preferred broadcast information.
  3. Awesome! What a great addition and I know Tbird especially will be happy about this!
  4. This is an awesome update. Really supports players who go out of their way to make large events once or twice a week. :D

    Also, the calendar is looking spicy
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  5. Love the idea of the auto broadcast. Great addition.
  6. Ooh, amazing! Will utilise this in the future :D
  7. O

    Nobody understands how much this makes me want to cry.

    This. Right here. Was one of the most difficult things to stay on top of as events lead.

    There was no system to alert us when new submissions were added, we had to check the calendar manually. So, I actually setup automatic email alerts to my personal email account so that I could *try* to notice these, but many times those emails would get lost among the spam of my own emails.

    I haven't touched any of that stuff in over a year, but seeing this still makes me so happy, rofl

    Then don't even get me started on the Player Events front page thread! That thing was a nightmare, having to setup *another* alert system for myself to remind me when a day had any player events and then hopping on the forums to do that first thing in the morning. If I didn't do it first thing, I would forget and then it never got done, lol!

    Awesome update right here, these are A+ additions to events. Maybe now we can get more player hosted stuff going on here? ;)
  8. It's about time!
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  9. Wut the, this is amazing! :confused:
  10. this is cool... playing devils advocate cause we all know some new or immature players are going to take advantage of it at some point.. is there any spam protection on this of any sort? :)
  11. Wow, that's amazing!! :eek:

    I was going to say I thought that wasn't going to happen, but it looks like Friday got spammed... :p Might be just because it's new, though.
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  12. Wow AWESOME!!!
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  13. YEA!

    This very well could be better than 1..15.2... in my opinion, lol. (don't get me wrong, 1.15.2 is awesome. BUT...EMC has needed this for FOREVER) ;)

    Yeah, the only thing though would be event spamming. Today is just booked...
    Kind of annoying for people who actually have events going on. :rolleyes: ... People just bury it in fake events, lol.

    P.S. Come to my Underwater Drop Party at 6PM!
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  14. We can still manually remove them.

    Edit: Cleaned up.
  15. Thanks for cleaning it up!

    Just 1 more question, though. :)
    But my event says, "location undefined."
    I know I put a location in my form. :confused: Other community events also undefined as well.
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  16. We removed location from the form because the calendar kept trying to find an actual place irl called smp6, etc. See thread for any location details.
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  17. alright, hear me out here. automatic systems like this are almost always a bad idea, this is not an exception. in it's current state, there is nothing at all stopping someone from just spamming the events page with links to adult content and adult messages that are not appropriate for emc. you said you can manually remove them but that takes time, someone is likely going to see something posted there before it is taken down. the events that were posted earlier today are an excellent example of this, those were up for several hours before being taken down. why are there no safeguards on this at all? it genuinely baffles me that this was added in it's current form. there needs to be some level of checking put in place for this system, maybe requiring an actual thread be linked for the event, and filters put in place to stop spam and certain words from being used.

    i personally like the rest, though.
  18. Can't that be done on the forum, in-game, and in the Discord server as well?
  19. With anything new, there are still some ADORING fans of EMC who usually spam for the first week or so, then they teeter back off to the corners of the internet. It's the same for staff apps, etc too.

    Someone could change their profile picture to something inappropriate and it may take time to catch that as well. Discord statuses, etc are all those types of situations. Best you can do is report the issue immediately to a staff member. By the end of today, all will have access to remove/edit events in the player calendars and it takes less than 2 clicks to delete something. The trolls are simply wasting more of their own time for no good reason other than to show us that no matter how much they 'hate' EMC and want nothing to do with us, they still are our adoring stalkers.