Looks like the hacker took down every server now...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Tigerstar, Jul 22, 2015.

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  1. So, beginning with the two largest minecraft servers. The DDoSer has now taken down the mojang authentication servers... https://twitter.com/hoicsquad
  2. Didn't your mother tell you to never feed the trolls?
  3. Maybe that's why one of my alts can't login...
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  4. People that DDOS are programmers/technicians that can't get hired into any good job so they take their anger out on their favorite games. I'd say if we caught these people IRL, we should definitely burn them at the stake like medieval times. SAVAGE PUNISHMENTS TO SAVAGE CYBER CRIMES, YES ITS TIME TO GET MEDIEVAL!!!!!

    Edit: They are also a bunch of kids who sucked at playing games.
  5. It's just a silly man who has nothing better to do with his time...
  6. Seems to be back up :) Looks like the hacker can't keep the sessions down... [redacted] and [redacted] not doing so good though... Am I allowed to say that?
  7. Yeah they must have skill to take down all these servers... All we have to do now is take down their twitter account. :p
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  8. I just really love your signature! I can't get enough of it!
  9. :confused:
    My signature is messed up, lemme fix it.
  10. Thank you xD
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  11. They're not even that. Any script kiddie can go download a piece of software that allows them to DDoS something. It's not that hard - you just need to make sure you know how much packets of data it will take to the server down.

    Again, skill isn't a requirement to DDoS :p

    I'm speaking as a person who DDoS'd his school's website for five minutes this time 3 years ago to see if I could do it. I did... and nobody even noticed :(
    With all the messed up, freedom-ruining policies my school's new headteacher is introducing, I should do it again.
  12. Besides, if any hacker thinks Mojang doesn't have a redundancy system in place should something like this happen, they need a lesson in primitive computer security.
  13. Oh wow... that's another way to get attention xD
  14. heh.. problems again :confused:
    have been checking this past 45 mins every so often https://help.mojang.com/,
    cant get back online now :mad:
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  15. Empire could be next
  16. Can't log in again, this is tragic.
  17. They seem to only be targeting larger servers, so I doubt EMC will be targeted.
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  18. One day it could happen
  19. We are in the top ten... You never know.
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  20. This is very goat.
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