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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft community

    I’ve been on the Empire for little over a year now. This first year was very great; I ran a shop for about half a year, attended to many great events, had fun with you guys on the forums, etcetera.

    About 4 months ago, me and my irl friend decided to close my current shop; and build another one in another location. I then just got a residence on SMP1 with the address 630; a perfect address to build a shop on compared to 18891 on SMP9. We decided to build it in a similar style to my previous shop: little market booths with each having its own category of items. My friend and I agreed to share the profit of this shop. We also agreed that he’d build the shop, and I’d do the rest (determining prices, providing the items for in the shop, etc.). For when the shop would actually open its doors to the public, we agreed that we would both give the time and effort to keep the shop stocked at all times.

    Now this is where the problems start.

    Firstly, after the shop had been built by my friend, he started to lose interest in it, and EMC in general. He hasn’t been on for over a month, and I’m just voting for him to keep his residence.
    This is not too big of a problem, I had all the things I needed to open the shop. I filled up about 4/10 of the chests in the shop, and I just needed to fill up the rest, determine the prices (which is the hard part :D), place the sign and open it. And if my friend does come back, he’d get the profit share as promised.

    So I bought a new Minecraft account for the purpose of managing the shop’s funds. I also used the EMC Shopkeeper tool to see our monthly profit and manage our inventory to see what’s out. I also gave the residence with the shop on it to my alt. So I voted for my alt to keep the residence alive, and I logged on from time to time to collect voter’s items and such things you do with alts :p

    Fast forward to last week. I took a trip to Austria, and wanted to enjoy my vacation and decided not to vote. “I can work 10 votes back up” I thought to myself. What I didn’t think of, is that I didn’t log in using my alt for over 30 days, and my trip was about 10 days, so my residence had gone derelict.

    So after my vacation I wanted to work on my shop. And guess what? My residence had been forceclaimed! Boy was I pissed :mad:! I lost about 200k-300k in items and building materials (which is a lot for me considering on average I have only ~70k in my balance)

    Now I need to tell my friend the bad news, and hope he doesn’t charge the building materials back because of my negligence :/

    That was the full story of what happened the past year. And no, I’m not asking for a replacement of the lost items, I just wanted to tell the full story, and I needed to get this off my chest.

    I lost my upcoming shop due to being derelict

    So now to the actual point:
    I rebuilt my shop because I wanted to do something instead of derping around doing nothing. I rebuilt the shop so I was busy with something.
    Now that I lost my shop, I don’t feel like building it back up again for a few reasons:
    • It will cost a lot of money to rebuild
    • I've lost so many items, it'd take ages to gather all that back.
    • It's not fun anymore because I just lost a lot of hard work
    • It's not fun anymore because I've got nobody to help me anymore
    • I'm not a very good builder/designer (hence why I let my friend do it) so it will be ugly anyways.

    So now I’ve decided to throw that plan in the trash can.

    I tried to think of something to do, but I just couldn’t.
    I thought of making a community farm, but there already are so many of them.
    I thought of making a smaller, specialized shop, but I can’t think of what to specialize on.
    I thought of applying for staff again (I already did in the previous version because I was more active back then) with the new staff app to help the community, but if I’m inactive in-game like I am now, I won’t even be considered in the first place.
    I even tried playing on other Minecraft servers, but I didn't enjoy them nearly as much as I used to enjoy EMC.

    So now I’m coming online to do something, can’t think of anything, and log off again, and the only place I’m really active now is on the forums. It's the only place I really have fun on atm.

    I want to do something with the community in-game, and I really don’t want to leave this fantastic server, so my question to the community is as follows:
    Does any of you have some tips to find something to do with others? Or maybe you need some help with a project? Please let me know!

    I'd love to engage with the community in-game more as opposed to just on the forums and hope to get some tips :)

    Thank you for taking your time reading this.
    If anything is unclear, out of place or you have something else to tell/ask, please do.

    --Tim (nltimv)
  2. First of all I want to say I'm sorry for your residence, I don't really know how it feels to loose all your Items, but I think I can imagine... secondly, you can start a build busiess, the fact that you didn't alredey do probebly means you're not good at designing, but you can also help people with building from singleplayer, (Tom and I could be your first costummer, we have got something we want to be done, but we aren't doing that ourselves, because it's (...) hard to do) the best way to do that is firstly install "some" mods, I'ave got macro for auto-mine (this is just the same as placing a book on your key :p ) and auto-craft, but there are more mods that can help you :)
    one more thing: if you are going away again, you can always ask me to vote for you, I'm not voting every day, but I'm voting often enough to let you not go derlict :)
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  3. Awww man! I was looking forward to that shop too, I'm so sorry this has happened T_T

    I can understand the desire to have a goal on EMC when you don't have anything atm to do. I get the same way whenever a build comp just finished and I'm left standing with, "now what?" Feeling.
    So here's some things I've come up with.

    Gathering different items from the waste to sell back to those empty chests in the popular shops.

    Enlist the help/hire a player to build an event on my lot (I chose parkour at the time because most players seemed to want that) I've seen others make mini fire floors on their res. And host the event weekly.

    There's also wild outposts you could join. Some of the larger ones have their own little shops too.

    Speaking of the wild :p I have over 30 dc's of dirt ive been using to repair the wild. Whenever I am free from building that is lol

    Since you are active on the forums, you could combine the 2. Maybe do a thread showcasing a different server each month. Include screenshots and descriptions of your favorite lots, and the attractions for each smp. Or if your good with videos do those :D

    Host an event! I personally was planning one but irl stuff caused me to indefinitely postpone it. But it included : drop parties, scavenger hunts, player run minI shops/festival style booths, parkour, trivia and a few other original mini games I came up with.

    This is all off the top of my head. I can post more as I give it more thought. But once again you have my condolences for the lose of so much. And I'm very glad you've reached out for help staying on EMC vs. Just quitting. ^_^v
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  4. First of all I do want to express how sorry I am to hear what happened to you :( I can well understand that this is a major blow to your motivation. But honest: it doesn't have to be this way.

    The next time something like this comes up (a long vacation and you're not sure if you can make it where derelictism is concerned): PM Krysyy and ask her for help and/or advice. She doesn't bite (too hard :D). And if that's scary just PM me. Or: ask any of your friends to check up on you.

    But seriously: if you're gone for a longer time then I'm pretty much convinced that Krysyy wouldn't mind helping you out there. Especially for a pretty devoted player such as yourself. So if the fear of going derelict is the only thing which is stopping you then yeah... And if you don't believe me or want to make sure: why not just ask her if this could have been prevented?

    As to your question... I'm afraid I can't be of much help there...

    I usually log on and see what happens next. Right now my in-game agenda basically contains finishing my attic sale (my shop is currently closed for redesign / expansion) and continue raiding an ocean monument for extra materials (and some fun of course).

    But more than often I find myself distracted and ending up doing something completely different.

    Maybe that could be a tip: keep your eyes open to the things happening on your server. Someone asking for help? Maybe you could help them. Someone organizing a skin competition? Maybe it sounds boring but why not drop by and see, maybe you could even rally the others to do something else after the competition is over.

    Who knows: you may even run into potentially new friends. And that could lead to whole new things.

    Ever ventured out into the Frontier?
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  5. Thank you all for the great tips. They mean a lot to me :)

    As I said previously, I'm indeed not very good at designing things. This is probably the best design you'll get out of me :p

    But if you give me a design in singleplayer, I might be able to build it on EMC for you. I have the Schematica mod, so that should be easy to do :)

    Send me a PM if you like, and I'll see what I can do.

    And thanks, I'll keep you in mind for the voting

    I'm sorry for not being able to finish the shop, but maybe in the (distant :p) future I'll make another one.
    That's what I've been doing a lot already this year, but I suppose it can't hurt if I have nothing else to do :D
    Great. I'll look into them a bit more.
    Great idea. I'll definitely do this!
    Thank you very much. I also felt quitting wasn't right. EMC has been one of the best things that happened to me in my life, and I'm not willing to give up that easily.

    I knew about Krysyy doing that and I considered it too, but I thought "My main account will be fine" and forgot about my alt. I could've even prevented this by logging in using my alt once before my trip, but I forgot :/
    I wish it was that easy. I constantly look for people asking for help, but on my home server, SMP9, nothing seems to happen really. When I usually play in the morning, barely anyone is on, if anyone. Maybe I should consider moving to another SMP? *cue SMP wars* :D
    That would be my ultimate goal ;)
    Yes, I have an established outpost on SMP3, but I don't do much with it anymore. Also the same problem as with the shop: I had that outpost with my friend, but he doesn't play anymore, so it's just lonely as ever :/
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  6. smp1? ;) I personally really like smp1 (biased though :p), so if you want to move there... I have looked for you close to Jelle's and my place on smp1, and have found a 2x2 spot that you can claim in now, 3 days, 4 days, and 10 days. :) I'll PM you the residence numbers. :)

    As for the rest, I really have to go now, but I'll (hopefully) comment more soon. :)
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  7. I second toms choice :D lol totally not partial either :p (says as she plans to move her build from utopia to smp1 bwahaha)
  8. I know you said you would rather be more active in game rather than on the forums, but perhaps in the mean time you could apply to the contribution team? It would keep you active with the community until you find some more inspiration in game? Don't want to see you leave either. <3
  9. Come be my minion a SMP8 Public Wild Utilities volunteer! ;)
    We need help like ALL THE TIME. The public builds always need inspections. Grief reports need to be done with the mods. Once you learn the builds well, I'd be happy to ask you to join the repair team. You can choose to only specialize in one build, or you can learn them all. Up to you. However much time you want to invest in caring for them, again up to you. I'm happy for any help I get.
    Players are frequently asking for tours of the builds too. Where are they all at and how to best use them.
    We also usually have projects in the pipeline. I need to do another newsletter soon. Right now, we're on break from doing the Dragon Slaying Arena. Next up will be Fe(II) redesign for active kill again. After that, I'll leave it up to a vote.
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  10. Oh that stinks! I am so sorry! I am welcome to help you, and service you if you need it. In-fact, I can pay you if you'd like. Something like that happened to me once, so I understand your feelings. Please feel free to ask me anything, and I am willing to help and pay.
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  11. What Tom and Kytula actually meant to say (hey, typo's can happen :D) is that SMP2 is where the action is at. We have a /park vs. the /graveyard on SMP1 (soo depressing ;)) and we have Wonderwoman! Next we also got Merek_Shadower, he build a Ghast farm in our wastelands (I'm currently helping him scout for a good area in the Wilderness). AND we got Matthew1171, who hasn't heard about him, really nice chap? You haven't? Oh, probably because he only got here 4 hours ago, but give it time! :D

    Shops! We got shops... /v +poof, /v +ssrc, /v +hsp.... And some of those shops got jobs :)

    Word has it that we even got a new wool shop, courtesy of MinaTDK. Opened while I'm writing this! Can it get any more dynamic than this I ask you? :)

    And of course the official SMP2 clubhouse, courtesy of our own ElfinCarrot. Speaking of Pineapples (?), SMP2 is also home of our own ElfinPineapple :)

    Finally... well, it's a bit embarrassing but I get the feeling that I'm forgetting about someone. Probably not important then :p

    So yeah, SMP2 FTW :)
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  12. the best way to feel like a part of the comunity is to spend alot of time chatting with people, even noobs. over time you will realise who is going to stay and who isnt a regular. those staying people you should work on projects with, they might have a neat buildign design or a new business or just like hunting momo's like me.
  13. I just buy support vouchers(with rupees) when im going to be away, that way im safe from derelict policy, sorry to see you loosing your res. Best of luck in your future
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  14. Howdy Tim! I am very sorry to be informed that you've lost all your hard work. I know the feeling of losing everything you've worked hard for. It's not just the items, but the time as well.

    If you'd ever like any help with gathering up some materials, I would be pleased to lend you my time and some donations to help you any way I can. I wouldn't mind at all if you asked me to assist you with just about anything. :) Let us know what you decide to do, and if we can help. You know we will!
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  15. or try 2 play at different times? smp9 is one of my fav. servers (play in frontier) and when i play theres always some1 chatting in town chat.

    ofc i like smp4 best ^.^
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  16. If you are interested in remaking a shop, I would be willing to help. I have tons of rupees and am not too sure what to do with them (close to 1mil). If you are interested, send me a pm. If not, I would recommend joining Azoundria's mine :p.
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  17. Wow guys, thank you all SO MUCH for all the support. You're the best <3
    While I've found a LOT of inspiration for in-game now, I will consider it for my times on the forums :)

    Ahhh, the SMP8 Public Wild Utilities. I'm a frequent customer, and I absolutely love it :D
    You can count on some help from me in the future.

    While I appreciate your kind offer, I will have to refuse. I don't feel it's right if the community has to pay for my stupid mistake. But again, thank you very much for the offer <3

    I'm afraid Tom has already brainwashed ... err.. convinced :D me to stay on SMP1.
    But, that doesn't mean I can't VISIT SMP2. Heck, I even have quite a few residences left when I save up and upgrade to Diamond in the near future ;)
    So expect at least one residence of me :)
    What I'll do on it? I'm not sure yet, only time will tell.

    That's a great idea. I'll keep my eyes on the chat more :)

    I know that's a good option, but I don't have millions of rupees to spend, and buying with real money is no option for me.

    I don't need anything right now, but I'll keep you in mind! Thanks for the offer!

    I always play when I have the time to play. In the holidays it's usually the mornings (night EMC time), but when I go back to school again, I can only play in the evenings (afternoon EMC time)

    I will not make make a shop in the near future anymore. But maybe I will build another one later.
  18. I know how it feels...

    My laptop broke and I was forced away from EMC due to it. I voted once every 30 days to keep it up to standards... Until I forgot one month, I was 3 days late. Lost a res with millions worth in items on it.

    The part that pissed me off the most?... the person who forceclaimed it PM'd me a month or 2 before to request build on my res for some cool project above y 128 or something like that. I would have had no problem with it but my pc was broken. So what does said individual do?... They stalk me until they get the plot. Made me pretty mad, just glad I kept my other millions in promos in my vault(s).

    The whole system for derelict is a bit unfair at times. Its the reason I will probably eventually pay the 1.5+ million rupees for a perm derelict voucher.
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  19. Yeah, I read about this on your profile... :c
    This thread made me quite happy, though! So many amazing comments!!
    It's almost making me want to get into playing Minecraft, too :p
    So many other games to play, though... >.<
    But well, it seems like you've got quite some inspiration now, and as I know you have a drive for EMC, I'm sure you'll be able to have fun on here again!
    I think you shouldn't try rebuilding the mall, though. Building a new mall in the future could be fun, but rebuilding, to me, always only reminds me of the lost work, which isn't fun.
    Anyway, I hope you have a great further time on the EMC servers! :)
  20. Sorry m8! I know how it feels someone took my res and I lost about 300/450k worth of stuff :.(. Any way it will get better stay strong!!!