Locking items in the Wilderness + other miscellaneous updates

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  1. Slip on your diamond boots and fasten your iron helmet, you can now protect chests (and other supported items) outside of Town! As usual I tried to make this feature as simple and straight forward as possible. All you have to do is place a sign directly over a container and put the word lock on the first line, the system will take care of the rest!

    Here are the details: http://empireminecraft.com/guide/locking

    Additionally we have increased the maximum players on every server to 60. We tested this for two days on smp1 and it worked great.

    Other miscellaneous fixes include:
    • Increased the confirm delay for a residence reset or reclaim to 20 seconds (used to be 10).
    • Fixed the nasty bug that would kill you if you tried to teleport inside a boat or mine cart.
    • Changed it so you have to have both build AND container flags to place an [ ACCESS ] sign in a residence.
    • Added a new "Periodic Reset Area" (yellow border) to the live map to show the area we reset from time to time.
    • Fixed the bug where you would be kicked by MC with a message about hacking when entering a residence you don't have move permission in.
  2. Yes, just yes.
  3. nice update! Thx :)
  4. That was a mistake..


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  5. YES! wow... thats expensive.... EDIT: crazy i just liked then un-liked your post XD
  6. Wow nice update! But the price to lock it seems a bit high... :eek:

    I am not saying that you should lower it but for the normal players that might be a bit high.

  7. So a few people already contacted me about the 1,000 rupees cost. We have been planning this update for a long time, and one of the things that happens on a lot of servers is you end up with thousands of locked chests littering the world. The high cost is designed to mitigate that effect and the partial refund is designed to encourage cleaning up :)

    EDIT: Also EMC is a community expanding and learning, we can always tweak the prices later!
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  8. Ok thanks for clearing that up. It helps to know that there prices are subject to change. :D

  9. Sorry, the first image wasn't really appropriate as the subtext depicted bad things... I fixed it though.
  10. What if a griefer breaks the lock, and then just steals items in your chest? Just saying?
  11. Well...

    Yeah, it is probably impossible for somebody to bypass your lock. And if they do, somebody will tell Justin and it'll be fixed before it becomes a legitimate issue.
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  12. great! always checking
  13. Haha, just as it was turning night, I was like: "Lets see if a creeper can break it." Justin lured two over and it blew him up, and dropped all his stuff everywhere...but the lock and items were safe. :D
  14. LOVE this - thank you so much! We wild-dwellers very much appreciate this! :D
    Also, if anything please raise the prices for locking chests... I very much agree with not having ten million locked and abandoned chest all over every dungeon in the Empire. :) As we all discussed in another thread, 1000 for a lock is a very fair price that all can afford if they try... and it will prevent abuse at the same time.
    Very cool that you included a way we can have friends access the chest as well!
    Best update to Empire EVER! :cool:
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  15. And then you took his stuff and ran away right?
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  16. What do you think he was storing in his chest? They did have a TNT test you know..
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  17. Actually...I think I did.
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  18. Then out of the sky came Justin flying toward you with an angry face! lol
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  19. lol. totally just LOL. :D:D:D