Let's raise rupees for people who have been greifed!

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  1. Yeah I'm kidding but hopefully the title filtered out some greedy people.

    Well, guys I am tired of sitting on top of my hoard like a steve-skinned dragon, and I think it is time someone does it for me.

    WHAT: It's a contest. Whoever gets to a currently undisclosed location first wins. The location will be in the smp7 frontier and you will not be able to use the nether. This should take between 2 days (and sleepless nights) and a week (someone who still has a life but definitely plays minecraft A LOT). Either way it will be over when someone gets there, opens the chest, and PMs me the code.

    WHEN: I'm thinking 8/29 but that will probably change a little depending on how my life goes. Don't try starting early, I have an undisclosed plan for how I will stop people from doing that.

    PRIZE: My promo collection :D It is quite extensive... check it out on my second res. Worth at least 10 million.

    RULES: (May change) The spirit of this contest is an adventure, seeing beautiful mountains and valleys, fighting mobs, and everything that goes with it. I dont want people to exploit aspects of the game to get ahead, so here are some rules.

    1. NO NETHER. You should not enter the nether for any reason. Be sure you bring enough enderchests so you dont go into the nether looking for blaze powder.

    2. LIMITED ENDERPEALS. Enderpearls are great for being a quick solution to being cliffed out, or falling in a ravine. They are not great for filling your inventory with them, and spamming your way across landmasses. You should not bring more than 32 enderpearls on the trip.

    3. NO ELYTRA. Slapping together an elyra launcher or two and moving thousands of blocks while you dont even have to touch your keyboard is definitely against the rules. To keep things simple, dont bring an elytra.

    Also, this is gonna take an investment of time and gear. I recommend bringing beds and enderchests so you can set checkpoints for yourself.

    So yeah, between now and the 29th post below any questions, and/or if you want to participate.

    Participant List:
    1. Dufne
    2. WitherDoggie
    3. Sachrock
    4. Lomax
    5. Skeletin
    6. Crafter
    7. Merek_Shadower
    8. Wonderwoman
    9. BearJedi
    10. Shadow_Dcord
    11. _cTj_
    12. PupInAction
    13. EvKem
    14. AceMox2k
    15. Vortixin
    16. ExExUnderscore
    17. CrazyMinerPete
    18. Kaptrix
    19. FunnyBone937
    20. ESSELEM
    21. crazy_9977
    22. NathanRP
    23. bobbythebuilder
    24. kippy
  2. I will try to be there! Time to gear up :p
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  3. I would come but I have some real life stuff going on at the moment
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  4. I'll be there if possible.
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  5. That is simply brilliant. I'll have to save that tactic for the future.
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  6. I'll participate and I have 1 question from skimming over is it on any server or just a certain one?
  7. smp7
  8. Not sure yet if I can make it but I'm interested to participate.

    I have some tips for the fellow contestants:

    Learn how to use the /compass commands, bring a horse (maybe invest in /stable), bring ender pearls, get boots which has depth strider on it (water won't slow you down too much).

    I'm also curious how you plan on preventing people from using the Nether?
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  9. I believe it is called clickbait
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  10. I'll try to be there! :D
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  11. Well, now this sounds like fun ! Consider me a joiner, thank you. :)
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  12. Actually I don't have personal things that day so I can go if I can
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  13. xD
  14. Still working on it :) I have a couple ideas I need to iron out
    EDIT: I am open to suggestions.
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  15. Make sure live map is off

    I'll try to participate!
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  16. I'd love to join. Is this list for only those on it?
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  17. i would love to join but
    i'm one of those guys who has a life
    and that right before school starts
    thats the week all the friends are back and we mostly go out and have fun :p
    but you never know, i might be there :)

    awesome idea btw :)
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  18. The list is just a way for me and anyone who cares to keep track of who is going to play. Being on it doesn't mean you have to do it, and not being on the list doesn't mean you cant do it. I will add you and anyone else who asks :)
  19. So you're going to announce a location and the first person to arrive at the coords wins?

    What about people who have alts already stationed at multiple distant locations in the smp7 frontier? Or are in town with beds setup at distant locations? :oops: Complications....