legal way to mass craft?

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  1. Is there a mod or some other legal way to do some mass crafting? I need to craft up like 20 DCs of a particular item and doing it manually a stack at a time is time consuming. Just wondering if there's a faster way that's within the rules?
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  2. You can use the macro mod. :) I think it's also located in the approved mods list. :)
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  3. Correct, macro is approved :)
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  4. ok thanks, going to try out the macro mod... if i can figure out how to get it installed. i've never been good at getting mods installed.
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  7. I used to HATE temple farms because of the crafting. Now thanks to scripts I only slightly dislike them! :D
  8. If I could like this twice, I would. ;p
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  9. You can count my like as one of your own for now. But I want it back later.
  10. When you figure out how to get it installed, I can give you the auto crafting script for 3x3 and 2x2, and if you need any more help from there, just ask, and I will always be willing!
  11. I just wanted to update this thread to say that I got the mod installed and used it for the first time tonight. It works perfectly and is exactly what I needed. This is going to make the game so much easier to deal with sometimes when I need to mass craft certain items.
  12. I use

    From the approved mods list. Works great for things that couldn't be something else (prismarine). Not so good for other things. Examples of things that don't work so good:

    Stone slabs or stone bricks - I often end up with buttons & pressure plates mixed in.

    Chests & doors - again with the buttons & pressure plates

  13. Controls:
    SHIFT + ENTER to store a recipe
    ENTER to craft the stored recipe

    Download Links:
    [v1.3.0] MediaFire

    Here since the other link sent you off to another server I copied their information for easier access

    I do not claim this mod, I am showing information about this Mod.
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  14. Sorry foxy, I copied it directly from the "approved mods list". Didn't realize that was wrong?
  15. Hmm, interesting it wasn't caught before...
  16. To clear up any confusion about linking to other servers, the link was taken right from EMC's Wiki page. So the link is allowed.

    Special points go to Foxy for retrieving the info ^_~

  17. Thank you for clarifying.
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  18. Alright thanks for the info! I wanted to be safe so I got most of the key information.
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  19. So using this mod is there a way to save recipes so you don't have to re-do them each time if you change items around?