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  1. [RES IS 3569 ON SMP2] Just so i don't have to reply to everyone saying it, also the promos and voters armour will be given away as prizes from games or contests i will be doing. Read the third post for information about this.

    I am leaving minecraft, not just EMC. I have problems a lot of the time and minecraft is a very time consuming game, and i often get points where i am bored or stop, i had a lot of ideas but lost motivation to keep building. I don't play very often and when i do i find myself unhappy playing so i am going to put minecraft down virtually since its on my pc. I would of left already but ShelLuser talked to me and i decided to stay a while longer.

    Now i want to give the stuff i have away but i want to give it to people that need it not want it, i had access chests full of stuff in my res but that seems to of failed as someone i helped by giving something to came in and just proceeded to look in everyone of them taking things before asking. I said i will let you take things you need not want, he filled his spaces up and his vault, left and came back for more. So seeing as i cannot trust people to be fair and take things they need i will just have to list the stuff i have a good amount of and see who needs it and for what reason. After all i want people who will use these things and not just sell them to fill their own pockets, because that would make me doing this all in vain and meaningless.

    Everything has been given away except for 2 dcs of sugarcane and like 14 stacks of paper, anyone want?

    I also have 10 cupid bows, a pot of gold, set of voters armor, 8 dragon stone fragments and a wither skull to give away too, and also 30,000r. But these i will not just be handing out just yet, still thinking of how to give them away. [PLEASE READ] Not giving away yet, thinking of some games or contests for them so its fair, i can't hand out promos to people just normally without people seeing some unfairness or favouritism so i will come up with something.

    And no its not april fools, only person who'd be fooled is me since i'm the one who put time into writing all this >.<

    So if you need anything here please reply with what you need and why, don't be too greedy, other people may need it too. Not the best variety of things above but thats because i more or less gave away most of the other things i had which were for my eventual mall while making it, the stock kinda 'vanished'. Yeah i'm a terrible shop owner. I am sure someone has need for these things.

    I did not want to put this up since it announces i am leaving, i'd rather just vanish and be gone but i wanted to make use of the things i have left, try to help others before i go and the forums is the best place to say something so yeah.

    And lastly here is a pug. Hug your screen to hug the cute pug.

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  2. I hate to see you go :oops:
    Whatever you do in real life, I hope you enjoy it, and have fun in your future endeavors!
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  3. GAMES AND CONTESTS: So far i have made a contest, it is named Funny screenshot contest, however i changed the rules a bit, there are 3 different categories, there is a prize for each, the funniest gif, MC screenshot and picture/meme will get a cupids bow. So there is a mixture since i know everyone likes different things. This will end next Wednesday evening.

    Secondly i decided that firefloor will be one of the games to play, so next tuesday or thursday whichever one it is now i will coming along to play, and will add a cupids bow as a prize for each round winner. I like firefloor, its fun, and i can also join in.

    I am still thinking of some other things, still have to make something up for the armor, pot of gold and 4 other cupids bows. A thought, i would reset one of my residences, then with some help from Shel maybe i could dig down to random spots, hide some chests, i think 5 since i have 5 promos left, and people would have to dig to find them with supplied iron or maybe diamond shovels. Won't be too easy but it could be fun, any thought on that? Just a possible idea.
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  4. Sorry that you are leaving EMC and I hope you find a new hobby or game that brings you happiness!
  5. May I have the 2/3 of leaves? I will be using it for an attraction at my theme park (Hedge Maze)
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  6. Yes you may, give me 5 minutes to sort stuff out and put an access sign for you
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  7. I am sorry to hear this NamiMay as you seem really nice. I hope you find something you like better.
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  8. Could i have the coal ore please? :D Sorry to see you go :(
  9. Any Chance I could get the sugarcane ? I can use it to trade villagers
  10. May i have a cupid bow? I'm trying to collect all promos i don't currently have.
  11. man people are dropping out all around
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  12. Dang. I wish you would keep playing. You seem like a nice person. Maybe try to play with your friends? When I kinda got bored, I just played with my good friends, and I got back into it. Could I have a Bow? I'm kinda low on ruppees, so...
  13. Sorry to see you go, but have fun in your future endeavours Nami! :)
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  14. Ok i have lots of random other bits in other chests. So i decided to put preview on all chests. Beware though a lot is organized, OCD people beware as this may be a nightmare for you. res is 3569 on smp2 if you want to look at anything. Dj you can come pick the leaves up they are ready for you
  15. Can I get half the enderpearls? Ill be using them for PvP Arenas
  16. We will miss you, but some advice on this: don't let anyone make you feel bad about leaving. EMC is a great server, but we don't want people to think they have to stay is they aren't enjoying themselves. Your time here was great for you and all those you interacted with, and that's all we can ask for.

    Good luck in the future, EMC will remember you.
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  17. Sorry i am still figuring out how to give those away, and as i said above i want to give things to people who would use them and need them. I don't want to give things away just to fill people's pockets full of money. I suggest doing a lemonade stand >.< make it happen, i might pay with a cupid bow. I should of made minecraft, then we would have lemonade stands. Because we need lemonade stands.
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  18. Yes you can, come to res 3569 on smp2 ill set the chest up for you
  19. You can have 1 dc if you want.
  20. Yes you can, ill set up a chest for you. 3569 smp2