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  1. I won't be playing MC anymore and i am in the process of giving things away, to make giving promos and voter armor away a fair thing i am going to do some fun games or contests and give them as prizes.

    EDIT PLEASE READ: 1 prize for Funniest MC Screenshot, 1 prize for funniest gif and 1 prize for funniest picture. Prize is still cupids bow. Nothing rude or against EMC rules, friendly things please. You can submit one of each, try to refrain from making them super big. If you win one you cannot win another.
    I'll leave it running till next wednesday evening. May make me do lots of reading and looking but hey i'd rather make some fun whilst leaving.
    This was my first idea, i'm going to put up some funny things i see in my texture pack just as an example. But the aim of the game is to take and post a funny screenshot, i'll say one per person to limit spamming and taking up space, and to make it fair. I will find some people to help judge which ones should win. Most probably some staff and several jeb_. Because rainbow sheep know what they are doing.
    jeb_.jpg Bob.jpg Bill.jpg
  2. I think to get more people involved i will make this into a gif contest instead, or include them too. Funny picture or gif.
    I see a lot of gifs around on emc. To make it fairer since gifs are rather easily amusing, you can use pictures outside of MC as long as they are you know not rude and friendly.
    Changed the main post, 3 different categories each with a prize.
    Don't worry Ultimama your picture still counts
  3. Err well see signature :D
  4. I see you've made an edit, so I'll find a decent picture for each competition :)

    MC screenshot:

    Picture (I'm sorry, it has to be from Thomas the Tank Engine):

  5. it means to go out with a girl in dutch - in slang
  6. Yeah i thought it would get more people involved and would be more fun. And i remember that from George of the jungle :D
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  7. Pic and gif entries :)
  8. ICC death event be like:
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  9. Gif:

    MC Screenshot:
    2014-12-23_21.05.43 (2).png
  10. 1st: Wut
    2nd: xD
    3rd O.0
  11. Some of these are great, and some kinda freaky.........
    That bugs bunny scares me, maybe i'll give him a daffy duck so he leaves me alone >.<
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  12. Um, I'm kind of confused. We need to make them ourselves, right? Or are we allowed to just pick them off the internet?
  13. The minecraft one has to be a picture from in minecraft, the others you can get off the internet. Or if you'd like to make your own gif, picture or meme you can do that too. 3 contests so to speak, one for Funniest Minecraft picture, one for funniest gif and one for funniest non minecraft picture or meme.
  14. What's a gif?
  15. Like a looped video, well i'm sure thats what it is. Maybe its defined another way though. Look above your message, those video clips that are looping, those are gifs.
  16. I'm not too sure, but it's a file format for images. I think Nami means an animated gif, because that's the cool thing about gifs: they can consist of multiple images, that'll play quickly after each other. A nice online tool to make one is This is something I quickly made, to show you what it does. I think you may be able to remove the watermark by making an account, or else you could just download a program if you don't want the watermark. There are many good free ones.
  17. And... bump :)