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  1. haha Well at least 2/3 of the keyboards were fine, and 1/1 of the laptops were fine :p
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  2. Caution, childish silly and immature:
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  3. Totally unrelated -
    But a few months ago (or more), I believe when you still worked for the Development Team, you showed me something that you were doing on your residence. It was this huge cave system that you were working on and you said your still working on it. Have you finished that up completely? If you have, it would be really nice to maybe meet up and give me a little tour of it. I was astonished when I first saw it, and it inspired me to get into nature themed builds. Anyway, sorry for the totally unrelated post. Just struck me when I remembered it was you that was working on that.
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  4. I have not been back to that project in many months. As you can tell from my channel, I typically just work on whatever my daughter is interested in. Thanks for reminding me, I think I may be able to get her interested now that she is getting good at building. We also have the roller coaster project which is similar in some ways and may eventually cross the road and connect the two.
  5. haha I was expecting you would say that. My nephew also plays Minecraft and when we play together, we mostly do what he wants to do. Well any ways, make sure to tell me when you get that back up and running. It's a really unique project that I'm looking forward to seeing finished!
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  6. Just a question for you Fun, are you going to be recording for FNM tomorrow?
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  7. Finally after more than a week of editing!!!!

  8. Awesome!
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  9. Three new event videos! They are a little different, but hopefully you will find one that you like

    I have been having health problems, so the videos have been coming more slowly, but I always love playing with my friends on EMC. Also, for a little while, A_little_fun didn't want to do Friday mining, but recently she starts asking midweek if it's Friday yet, so this is good news for those of you that enjoy our participation. Thanks for everyone who supports and plays with us!

    If you notice that there is a sound quality issue again, it is because I am living with my mother due to a health issue and we have to use voip while recording instead of us being in the same room like we would usually do. Hopefully it's only temporary and we have some improvements planned for better communication next video.
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  10. Sometimes you just have a lucky recording. This was totally unplanned, but even better watching it the second time. I hardly even wanted to edit anything out so it's a little longer than necessary. I think you will enjoy it to the end.

    Feels really good to be making some videos and playing on EMC again.
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