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  1. Thanks, but this is not licence for me to use music in my videos, it's a promo giveaway of the music for individual download.

    My issue is not a lack of music to use, but a shortage of time. I have been doing mostly quick edits without music or titles or scene transitions. I wish I had some help because it can really make the videos a lot more fun, but right now I am a one man team.

    If anyone is interested in proofing or enhancing videos and is able to give constructive and organized edit details, let me know what I could offer in return. I have lots of rupees, but other than that we are a low budget operation at the moment.
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  2. Sadly my license for Sony Vegas is not on this computer currently, and I'm not willing to pay another $60-$100 for the computer home license. I really would love to help you as much as I can but I don't have that much time nor' the money to do so. I recommend if you need music, check out NoCopyrightSounds, all their songs on the YouTube are free. You just have to agree to the terms of use of their music. Hopefully this will help you somewhat! Otherwise continue making great videos!
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  3. Another Temple base update short:

    This is actually a little older, but never before seen because it was lots of recording edited way down to only the most interesting bits. I think it nicely shows some of our progress and teamwork. Still lots of stuff in processing. It looks like the temple base will dominate our channel for a little while.
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  5. Another temple base episode/update:

    Got 45 minutes of death event recorded tonight and it was a blast! Should be able to make something good with that in the next day or so.
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  6. Just saw your FNM, its cool to see your family playing together. (I definitely not looking for myself.. xD) :)
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  7. I remember seeing you while editing, Did you find it?
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  8. Yep. ;)
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  9. Here is the death event video:


    A_little_fun recorded nearly an hour of our play. I did my best to find clips that showcase the event. Little_fun is very jumpy and chaotic when fighting, so sorry about those moments. Would have liked to get more names at the event, but we wandered away from the group I guess.
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  10. Giving your daughter a Turkey Slicer during the death event. Not the best idea. :p
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  11. She loves that turkey slicer. She has 2 or 3 of them and has used them in other videos. I like that they are soul bound so that if she dies she doesn't respawn empty handed. :D Giving it to her is a lot more fun than hording it in the chest with my other promo items. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy those kinda things!
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  12. a_little_fun fighting looks exactly like me fighting. It's cool to see other players adopting that same "style". Only, when she does it, she actually kills Marlixes...
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  13. What style, you flail around while she punches the marlin in the face :p ( Im only joking, please don't hurt me *gets in corner* )
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  14. Today's temple base update:

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  15. Protip, snow golems only hurt blazes and enderdragons. :p
  16. Ok, I will keep that in mind, but they do attack the guardians, so we may try using them as a way to force them into the trap. Our current setup is just experimental, and temporary while the ocean is getting drained. Eventually we should be able to build a high end system.:)
  17. If you want a mob that kills guardians (and would work well with hoppers), use iron golems.
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  18. A_little_fun wanted to help with editing this video, so there are a few odd elements but I did not take them out because she was really proud of herself. This is just a short momentus fight (short for you, but took hours for me)

    Also, I finally took the time to figure how to use the media feature.

  19. Full temple base episode 7
  20. You need to get a bed >_>