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  1. Lots of new content this week. I started by re-releasing the quest for pets 2.0 which was on the old channel.

    Next, there are now 9 episodes of the minecart roller coaster series and we are branching out to other residences and building minecart launchers!

    AND... Just_having_fun joined in on some fun playing the missile wars mini game this week. The first two are up and there are at least 6 in the pipeline if we don't play anymore today.

    The nice summer weather has slowed progress on many of our projects, but we will continue to release new videos every week.
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  3. Posted a super special Facecam play of the new Five Nights At Freddy's. Yes, there will be jumpscare!

    Also released #5 in the missile wars minigame series. Hope you all enjoy, and please stop back weekly for more great videos.
  4. Posted a compilation of several Friday Night Mining videos from July. Some funny stuff and maybe lots of people you know. Also been posting Steam game videos with my son.
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  5. Had a great time making this video with my daughter. Don't take it seriously, it's ok to laugh at our failure!


    Hope to get some good stuff at tonight's mining event!
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  6. If you enjoyed the last video, then you will stand up and cheer watching this next one!


    A_little_fun is only 4 years old!!! It's so stressful when she goes slow through her inventory, but she is persistent and that is sometimes all you need. I don't usually ask, but please like/comment on her video because it really makes her feel special.
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  7. Had some momentus spawning going on at our new outpost. This will actually be episode 3 of our next series, but it was too much fun to wait! Might do some better editing for the actual release.


    Hope you enjoy!
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  8. Here is our Friday Night Mining adventures from this week!


    We have been doing some major home improvements and it's been eating into my video editing time, sorry for the delays, but there is still a lot of video in the pipeline. Just had to purchase some extra storage because we filled 700gb with raw footage to give you some idea of how much recording we are still doing. I only like posting the best stuff. Thanks for everyone who has been so supportive.
  9. This is the first video of our frontier ocean temple outpost series. There are already 3 in the pipeline (mostly edited) but I have not created an intro for the series or picked music. I could really use some help with that if anyone is interested.


    Hopefully you can forgive the plain intro text. This video was actually the first 2, but I didn't think it was interesting enough and cut it down again into 1. You will see the beginnings of our base and some interesting quirks of the world generation that make our ocean temple unique.

    This first edition is just_five_fun and a_little_fun, but just_super_fun will be working with us frequently in future videos. Hope you enjoy and planning to release new stuff weekly on this series.
  10. I still can't get over how hilarious and cute your kids are. I also like how you try to steer them in the right direction, but don't do everything for them, or force them to do anything.

    Keep up the great work, your videos are wonderful, and I always look forward to watching them.
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  11. One of the traps that parents have to watch out for is taking over and forcing things to go their own way when it actually doesn't matter. I hate letting my kids fail at anything, but in reality it's a necessary thing and it's only failure if they don't try again.

    When I get forceful, the videos get really dull, so I do my best to let them take charge. Sometimes we learn new things in the process or at least get a chance to explain why we do things a certain way. Ultimately, our youtube time is part of our family fun time, so it's about doing whatever they want to do, even if it's not interesting enough to become a video.

    Sometimes we play for hours and it boils down to only 15 or 20 minutes of video, so keep in mind that we are not that funny all of the time. It's very rewarding to be able to share those special funny or cute moments to friends and get great feedback from them.

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  12. With you from the start! I remember when these first came out! They were great and still are! Good luck!
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  13. Hehehe :) I know where the temple is
  14. Well, We are not the most covert players ever. You are welcome to visit, but I greatly appreciate if you limit our exposure to greif by hiding on the map and not sharing the info with others.

    I figure eventually we will have an episode that documents damage from greifers, it's all part of the game.

    Thanks for watching and you can expect more at the end of this week.
  15. Trust me, NOBODY will figure out from me.
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  16. You are a great youtuber, some people may say just for saying it, but i mean it, you really are!
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  17. Let little do more recording outros!
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  18. I am embarrassed to be given such high praise, but I thank you for the encouragement. We will keep doing our best to make fun videos and hopefully we will be able to continue for a long time.
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