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  1. I wasn't sure if anyone was watching all the way to the end.:D
  2. No one is a true fan unless they watch until the end of the video :p ... Nice work though, videos look nice!
  3. Just started watching your videos and it's adorable and awesome how great your daughter is at playing at such a young age lol I try getting my 4 year old nephew and my 6 year old cousin to play and they aren't too good unless it comes to destroying things xD
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  4. I'm not that critical of how people watch. I have been trying to put the most interesting stuff at the beginning, and then the little tidbits that are more personal or that people who don't know us might not understand, or the stuff that is just cute. Always glad to see that people are enjoying the videos, it makes it feel a lot less like work to record and put them together when we know people will look forward to watching.
  5. If they are boys, then that is pretty typical, boys like the fighting and destroying at first. It took months of practice to get Little_fun to play and focus like she does. Our first recordings didn't really have a lot of building, instead we just explored around and looked for animals, this was a great way to learn controls, she loved taming dogs or horses. Currently, Little_fun plays on creative every day. She starts a new world and builds a house and spawns in animals and explores. She also watches lots of youtube videos of minecraft that she gets ideas from. Hopefully it keeps being fun for her because I really like when we can play together.
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  6. The newest temple base video is now public:

    This is number 4. You may have missed or already seen episode 3 because it was released out of order. I renamed all the videos and created a playlist to help keep things organized.
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  7. This is the result of friday night mining, but not as much a part of the event as we usually do.


    Hopefully you will like it enough to forgive us for not recording the event so well.
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  8. This is the follow up to one of the recent Friday mining events.


    There is a playlist if you are interested, or check out anything that you recently missed:D

    Next video will be a temple base build and I'll release it Fridayish.
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  9. This is about the longest video I have made. You shouldn't feel like you need to watch all the way to the end. I promise that I put the best stuff first. I start out with a bit of a walk around town, then do a fast forward of the trip from spawn to the event, then some building, a momentary encounter with a momentus (pun intended), some fast forward building, and finally an outro of a_little_fun footage. There was not as much of a storyline as some of the other videos I have put together, but hopefully you will find it diverting...
    I have enough additional video that I will most likely put together a companion from this same event some time this week! Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, we now have over 50 subs and 1000 total views and growing every day.
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  11. Please check out the new channel trailer. I think it accurately describes the flavor of our channel.


    If you check out the playlist for the Temple base, you will find two new short updates, but episode 5 will be released tomorrow.
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  12. I am very happy to give you the next edition of our temple base series. This is #6


    I think you will really like it.
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  13. Hopefully this is the working link to the Temple base playlist:


    You should find episodes 1 thru 6 and also several mini update episodes. We have been releasing more than 2 per week now, so you can always use this link to catch up if you get behind.

    May not have much of a Friday mining video this week, there was really no storyline for us, but we had fun and we will mashup some clips of players and their builds to remember it by.
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  14. Not sure if some of the videos at the end of the playlist are supposed to be private intentionally or not, but the playlist makes it easier for me to watch them all and enjoy :)
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  15. Well, now that I know about these videos, I'll have to watch the first ones and try to catch up to the new ones. It's great, to see a family having fun together.
    Your videos are so much fun and entertaining!
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  16. I did not realize that the private videos would show in the playlist. Those are nearly ready for release, they still need final review and keywords and that type of thing. I have been trying to release one every couple of days rather than 2 or 3 at once, this way if I get really busy there won't be long gaps between releases as there have sometimes been in the past.
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  17. Alright cool!