It's time I finally announced my goodbye

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  1. It's time that I finally announce my goodbye to season 5 of Bob's Burgers.

    Season 6 here I come!
  2. lol i was like harooo noooo :p
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  3. Everyones doing this... :p I might1
  4. Okay, fourth time today :)
  5. Finished Season 1 of this the other day. Gonna do a marathon on the weekend :p
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  6. grrrr, its time I get myself some more coffee. For a brief moment there I thought Soul was about to give up on us and I was like "nooo, not another contrib gone...." :D

    You sure fooled me! :)

    (it's kinda early here right now, I'm awaiting mail deliverance (snail mail) which I then got to sort out and prepare for delivery tomorrow, it's my new side-job).
  7. Good one Haro. ;)
  8. *facepalm* What is it with these leaving threads :p
  9. maybe we need new forum: "excuse urself" (instead of introduce yourself) :D
  10. Well... we're a bit past April Haro.
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  11. Misleading thread title lol.
    I thought you were leaving
  12. Fool me once, Im mad
    Fool me twice, how could you
    Fool me three times, your officially that guy. yeah, you know the one
    (Bonus Points if you get the ref :p)
  13. Bye friend. :( You will be missed. Have fun with season 6!:p
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  14. aww so you're not really leaving? :(
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  15. I actually posted a temporary resignation a while ago so I could go focus on my GCSEs. It never happened and I have like, 8 of them left to do over the next 3 weeks... they're pretty much done, so there'd be no point in being like "ayy I wanna leave temporarily for pretty much 8 days".

    EDIT: By 'a while ago', I'm pretty sure I mean 5 months ago or something lol.
  16. Getting my hopes up for nothing, are we?
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  17. *airhorns blare*
  18. I thought you were leaving haro... Nice going... But season 6! Yeaaaaah! xD
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