It's EMC's 5th Cake Day!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. HBD EMC, been a fun 5 years, looking forward for the next! <3
  2. Will be late to the party with promos, but I hope my desktop gets fixed on time...
  3. 5 years? It sure flies :rolleyes: Happy Birthday! Looking forward to celebrating with everyone! :)
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  4. Happy Emc Bday! :)
  5. Happy birthday EMC from Mexico. That's why the original post looks like it was made a few days early =)
  6. oh god ive almost been here for 5 years what am i doing with my life
  7. Well, happy birthday EMC!
  8. A very happy birthday Empire Minecraft!

    And I'd also like to compliment and congratulate all involved on helping the server come this far. You know: of course the obvious people such as Aikar and Krysyy and all those staff members who have been with the Empire nearly during it's begin. During, what I personally would like to call EMC 1.0 and EMC 2.0 (not going to elaborate on that).

    You got to admit: hosting events week in and week out, month in and month out and keeping it up for so long? That is impressive.

    But I'd also like to thank all those players who have been here for so long as well and also never gave up on it. Because there's one thing which a lot of Minecraft fans often overlook: a server needs staff and players :) A server without players is like an EMC birthday without a birthday cake promo I guess ;)

    SO yeah, a very happy 5th anniversary EMC. May you thrive for yet another 5 years at least!

    I'm going to treat myself this evening in celebration :)
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  9. Happy 5th Birthday to EMC and Hopefully another 5 Birthdays to Come :D
  10. Woohoo Happy BDay EMC! I am leaving on vacation today, so I am glad that Krysyy is holding off on more celebrations, cause that means I can join in too!
  11. Happy Birthday EMC!!! :)
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  12. Happy Birthday EMC! Now I'm gonna have cake (in game and IRL). :p
  13. Happy B-Day, You grow so fast :( Next thing you know you will be 18 and ill be old:(
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  14. Happy Birthday EMC! I am very happy to be apart of this community! :)
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  15. Happy BDAY! Nice promo
  16. Happy bday EMC!

    yaay, free cake! ^.^
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  17. Happy birthday EMC!!:D I accidently ate last years cake , so I'm glad I can't do that again.....
  18. Happy birthday, EMC! It's really cool seeing such a great server grow throughout the years. :)
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