It's EMC's 5th Cake Day!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Happy Birthday EMC, can't believe its been so long. Because of you I know I'm at least 4 years old.
  2. Happy Birthday EMC :) Let's hope for many more years to come :)
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  3. Happy birthday EMC!!!

    I've been here all the 5 years with you all! <3
  4. Happy birthday EMC
    I love you
  5. Happy 5th birthday, EMC! I've been active for over a year now, so this is my 2nd EMC birthday! :D I missed the chance of getting last year's cake, so I'll be sure to keep this one safe! ;)
  6. Happy birthday EMC, half a decade already?
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  7. Happy BDAY EMC!
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  8. Happy Birthday EMC! Hope your 5th year will be great!

    P.S the cake is a lie! LOL not really xD

    Edit: sorry I couldn't be at the event, but I will probably be at the FNM for this week, that's all I can say :)
  9. Hasn't been an event so far. Most likely when Krysyy comes back early August.
  10. Didn't the website say that its bday was on last monday on the events page?
  11. Not sure about that but I know it was mentioned that bday related events would be held when Krysyy comes back.
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  12. The birthday was last Monday, yes, 25th of July. However, as Kloned has already noted, the B/Day related events will be held when Krysyy is back from Mexico. But right now, you can claim your B/Day Cake promo and enjoy that until the party starts!
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  13. Jeez has it really been 5 years?
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  14. Happy Birthday EMC!!!

    5 YEARS... Hopefully, many more to come!!!
    So many stories, so many adventures, so many battles... So much resources... anyway....

    Congratulations to the Owners, the Staff, the Moderators, the Developers, the Builders; to everyone that maintains this server and gives the best towards the wellbeing of the evergrowing community! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE AMAZING WORK YOU ALL DO EVERY DAY!

    I want to thank all members, free and supporters, every single one, everyone that shout out in the forum, and help others, and also to the ones that help in world!