It's EMC's 5th Cake Day!

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  1. Happy 5th Birthday to Empire Minecraft!
    Every year seems to fly by a little faster than the last. Here we are 5 years from the creation of this amazing server, and we've had over 430,000 account log in. How awesome is that?

    Now to the Cake!
    Type /promo bday in-game to receive your very own 2016 Birthday Cake. Don't worry, you can't accidentally eat this one like some people managed to last year before we fixed it :eek:

    I hope you all have a fantastic day and continue to enjoy your time on Empire Minecraft for many more years to come!

    Birthday related events are in store for the beginning of August due to Krysyy's short absence this week. Stay Tuned!
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  2. I'll need an extra hand to count EMC's age next year... Happy Birthday, EMC! :D
  3. Cake that is renamed, I'll take the pie

    I guess it is EMC's birthday. Tells me I am older too, well Happy Birthday EMC from Foxy.
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  4. Happy Birthday EMC!

    Edit: Can I have an award for third on both threads? xD
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  5. Happy 5th Birthday EMC! :D

    *Takes the Cake and Runs*
  6. Talking about yourself in third person? :confused:

    Happy birthday EMC!! Congrats on 5 years!
  7. Happy Bday emc! Wwoo... :)
  8. Happy birthday, EMC! Thank you for the cake. :)
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  9. Happy Birthday EMC!^>^ Also.. doesnt that mean its JustinGuy's Birthday aswell? :p
  10. Happy birthday, EMC! Thanks so much for many wonderful years of fun! :D
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  11. Happy birthday EMC :)
  12. Happy birthday EMC... here's to the next 5 :)
  13. Happy Birthday EMC! Happy Cakeday everyone :D
  14. Woot another cake! Oh and happy birthday EMC as well (now back to that cake...)
  15. Yay! Happy birthday EMC!
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  16. Happy birthday, EMC! :D

    Also, the usual question: how long will the promo be available for? :)
  17. Why? Did he create the server on his birthday?
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  18. Happy Birthday EMC! Thanks for the Cake :p
  19. I suppose it means that it's his EMC birthday.
  20. HBD EMC! lol that sounded a lil funnier in my head... XD Kudos for making it this far!
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