Is this worth anything?

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  1. Horse egg without stats. Is this worth anything or uncommon at all?
  2. Ill buy it for 5k :)
  3. oh, wow, eehhh, I guess, I think it might be even worth alot, if it isn't a bug that made that egg, but if the egg is eggified before Aikar's horse update :)
  4. A horse with no stats? I would think something like that goes for like 7500 to 9000 r possibly, but I don't know for sure XD
  5. Auction it and see what you get. That will be what it's worth.
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  6. That seems like a good idea, but would you think it'd be auctionable on the forums in non-DC quantities?
  7. Horses bought from /shop are like that plus the one in the tutorial
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  8. The egg was obtainable in the new tutorial in 2013 through an easter egg... it is the starter horse before the starter horse existed. I have a few in my possession. :)

    It is also purchasable in the Empire Shop, I believe.
  9. True
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  10. Any idea where? Just looked under misc with the other spawn eggs and nothing there.
  11. If you couldn't find it, then I don't think you can buy it from the Empire Shop. I just edited that into my post because fBuilderS ninja'd me and I thought he was a reliable source. :p
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  12. If you want to sell it, I'll buy it for 15k. :)
  13. I'd buy it for 16k :p
  14. Guys, let's not turn this into an auction.. ;) Like the others, the egg is obtainable in /shop. Good Luck finding it. :)
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  15. I checked. Didn't see it.
  16. This is correct. These were only obtainable via the easter egg and are not available through the Empire Shop. :)
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  17. Since when?
  18. they are quite rare and not availible in shop
  19. What do you mean?