Is anybody else annoyed?

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  1. - When people play Christmas Carols from October to February
    - When people take up 3 parking spaces
    - When people wipe their nose, then try to shake your hand
    - When a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is crooked
    - When People squirt ketchup loudly
    - That one person with an extremely annoying laugh
    - When people reply "k" and "yeah" and other one word replies
    - When people spoil a book/movie you haven't seen yet

  2. Drives me INSANE. To me saying that is equivalent to "Go away, I can't be bothered with you"
  3. LOL a lot of stuff frustrates me. But I like to keep my OCD in check, and focus on positive, the good stuff in life. :)

    After all, it's not the end of the world, just peope don't weird stuff. I'm sure others could point out a few of your quirks as well. :p
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  4. :D
  5. Because that totally isn't judging.
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  6. Yeah its good to double check OCD and look on the bright side but these things are as annoying as being forced to listen to Justin Bieber, while chalkboards are being scratched with sharp nails, metal scraping, realizing that your now manually breathing and a guy that won't stop breathing down your neck.
  7. When someone promises you something will be done, but keeps putting it off.
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  8. When you put something down for 3 seconds forget where it is and find it a half hour later
  9. When people whine from not getting anything during drop party...
  10. Lol thanks for the mod that kindly changed the wording so I wouldn't get banned :D
  11. When people say plz instead of please
  12. When you say plz because it is shorter than please, I will say no because it's shorter than yes. ;)
  13. When new players to minecraft spam town chat, and when they are rude with everyone.
    When grifers do grifers stuff in your wild base.
    When a ignorant person tells you that you are a ignorant.
    When someone spams the chat.
    When someone don't say hi or what sup, after you told him hi.
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  14. I really hate it when people reply with 'k', it's such a conversation killer.
    I feel like I'm the one with the annoying laugh :p
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  15. When people acuse me of hacking in minigames, mainly quakecraft, because they're too bad to have a chance.
  16. I was once in a TF2 CTF game and I was pyro. I would occasionally spy check and catch this one spy, I would kill him. He kept calling me a hacker.
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  17. When you text someone "I've Gotta Go" or "Stop Talking" and they reply "okay"
  18. The eating habits of others always seem to get on my nerves for some reason... I don't care if they only eat a tiny selection of foods or if they put butter on potatoes already made to taste buttery, it all makes me want to tear my hair out. Unless it is because of a disorder, of course. It is one thing for a person to not be able to drink milk, but it is another for them to refuse to drink milk and yet put it in their cereal. Small, but it irritates me. One of my faults.
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  19. when at the end of that movie that girl goes insane because her little sister dies and has babies with a man she doesnt love. YES I JUST SPOILED THE HUNGER GAMES. .