Introducing the YOUTUBE THE EMPIRE Partnership!

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  1. Hey peoples of the Empire!

    Apparently I'm here to announce a brand new... thing... the Empire is releasing (FYI, this week is now officially #ReleaseOverloadWeek - free rupees if you get that thing trending on Twitter).

    Are you a budding YouTuber? If so, (or even if not so), the Empire has an AMAZING new program for you! The YouTube the Empire Partnership.

    So, what is the YTEP? Basically, if you can make epic videos filmed on, or about EMC and upload them to your own YouTube channel, then we'll accept you into the program. Players who are part of the YTEP get the following benefits:
    • A super cool amazing YouTube title on the forums, as modelled by a certain fluffy animal:

      (Ooohhhh... shiny...)
    • Access to a super secret forum, where you can plan collabs with other YTEP members, as well as special assignments for amazing videos that will be uploaded to the OfficialEMC YouTube channel.
    • Your channel and EMC profile linked to at the start and end of any video you upload to the OfficialEMC channel through an assignment.
    • Various bribes from your friendly neighbourhood hamster.
    • Exclusive filming opportunities.
    • Extra filming perks.
    There's absolutely NO application process. Simply create great content, and make sure I/the CM's somehow see it (Protip: The SYLP forum is your friend), and we'll PM you if we're interested in working with you.

    Also, if I see you making videos, even before being accepted, I may or may not have some free EMC Store Credit to give away, which can be spent on supporter/rupees. :)

    Disclaimer: acceptance is not guaranteed. If you make stuff below the quality we're looking for, you won't be accepted. Don't message me/CM's about applying, simply post in SYLP and we'll see it. Using copyrighted content, including, but not limited to music will result in automatic disqualification. Any music you are allowed must be attributed/linked to in the description. You should also link to EMC in the description of your video. Your recording software must not watermark the video.
  2. If i get a better computer, I will definitely try to get a recording system and do this! Can't wait to see all the amazing videos!
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  3. Sounds cool!
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  4. So, is there a certain time that you stop accepting members into the YTE?
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  5. I gotta get fraps quickly.
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  6. In 9001 years time.
  7. Looks like I need to get a move on before time runs out!
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  8. Anyone got a download link for fraps full version? :)
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  12. You will need to buy fraps, otherwise you can use the free version that allows you to record with a watermark for 30 seconds at a time. Fraps is not the only recording software out there too. Bandicam is a free one that has unlimited recording time, but has a watermark at the top of the video.
    EDIT: Watermarks aren't cool. Buy the thing
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  14. If your graphics card support it,'s recording function works well enough, and is 100% free. The program does more than just recording, but it's useful none-the-less.
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  15. Is Bandicam easy to work? :p
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  16. I have used it before, and it is pretty easy.
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  18. It will trend, just watch.
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  19. Well this is an awesome feature :) Woop Woop!
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  20. Please note that using software that watermarks your videos unfortunately makes them invalid.
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