[IMPORTANT] Upcoming Derelict Timer Changes

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  1. IMPORTANT: The derelict policies are changing.
    It is important that you read over these changes in case they affect you.

    New Players:
    The default derelict timer for a brand new player is currently 5 days. We understand that some players might not be able to make it in-game except on the weekends, so we are extending this to 10 days to allow for an overlap.

    Voting and the derelict timer has long been over-powered. It is not fair for a player that plays every day to have the same protection as someone that votes once a month. After careful deliberation, the conclusion is an adjustment of the voting derelict timer.

    Starting in 2 weeks, voting will only grant you 7 days of derelict protection. This is a valid time adjustment considering you only have to vote 4 times in a month in order to protect your res. This only affects the players that vote to maintain derelict protection. The derelict timer for logging in and playing in-game will not be adjusted.

    If you are going to be going away for more than 30 days without internet access, please contact a Senior Staff to assign appropriate derelict protection for your account. Alternatively, you can purchase a Permanent Derelict voucher on the Supporter page.
  2. sweet as")
  3. Long overdue :D
  4. :D yay my friends ik will probably actually remember hopefully
  5. Good changes, I fully support the thinking behind them.
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  6. Wonderful! :)
  7. Wait, wait wait, wait, so does this go for supporters as well?
  8. Doubt it. Just for those that vote once 1 month to save their res'. Supporters are always protected. (so long as they are subs)
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  9. Supporters still have derelict protection for the duration of their supportership. There were no changes in that.
  10. This is talking about those who rely on voting to keep their residents from going derelict and the length of the derelict timer for new players :)
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  11. Good good, so my dirt mound shall be eternal.
  12. -_- ... for now....
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  13. forever*
  14. Glad to see these changes happening!

    You should have an eternal gravel mound, not an eternal dirt mound.
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  15. This doesn't affect me personally, but I can see how it is unfair. +1 to you, EMC staff!
  16. Awesome, now you just need a clean-up crew to get rid of all those res's lying around that suddenly go derelict xD
    *waits for the server to crash 'cause 100 res's suddenly went derelict and Aikar tries to reset all of them at once*
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  17. So as long as we vote all the time we don't have to worry about losing our res then right?
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  18. Or just log in once a week.
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