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Help me rebuild

Heck No 36 vote(s) 78.3%
Yes i Will Help You Because i am a niec person 10 vote(s) 21.7%
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  1. 30k? I lost 300k, be jealous
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  2. If you were just asking for friends then why'd you make a thread -_- none of them even use the forums consistently.
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  3. i lost 40k back when i was poor. nananana life goes on
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  4. Oh yes, I shall be jealous of your great loss? :confused:
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  5. I don't know what kind of job they were doing for you, but from now on, consider that a job requiring you to give a perm could cost you everything.

    You could also try doing a better job of hiding your really valuable stuff, at least before giving out perms. I'd assume they got into your treasury and the temptation drove them to do it. No temptation, they probably won't go digging up every spot on your plot to find stuff.
  6. Lol Like A Hunt on my res Aton of ppl digging up the whole res, xD
  7. Well I think if they don't know it's there, they won't even go looking. You might leave a few diamonds and some other stuff in a dummy chest in your house, and your main cache buried in a chest under a tree, for example. This would be a good way to find out who is trustworthy, too, without risking stacks and stacks of diamonds.
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  8. Edit: nvm, my response sounded snarky and there's no point rubbing in the obvious. I'm sure you won't let this happen to you again. Lesson learned right? :)
  9. Yea but i really want a mod, I wotn let the guy get away. Why cant he just tell me. He gives th stuff back and thats that. Sheash
  10. Started a PM with one? That's your best bet for getting them caught.
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  11. May I recommend Too Many Items?
    sorry lol, I had too...:rolleyes:
  12. Lool
  13. I kinda did with dwilght but he didnt do anythinh
  14. If he did nothing, then sadly, nothing can be done.
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  15. Because he couldn't, you didn't listen to him.
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  16. Lol it's been like a few days since this thread was created, by now you could of made all those rupees/items back + more. I hate to say it like this but complaining ain't gonna make it come back. People lose things and rebuild, it's how the LLO and other great outposts have survived.
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  17. lol so the 100k I donated? wheres that?
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  18. Oh
    i used around like 35k of that to get liek wool and glass and stuff. Dont worry nothing happened to that. Thanks alot btw. Couldnt have done alot of things with out u
  19. all good bud, Just wanted to make sure it didn't go to a bad cause
  20. If you want other people to ever consider helping you again, i suggest updating everyone. You didnt say anything about finding the beacons until someone else pointed it out, then admitted it. Robot donates wayyy more rupees than you need, and he doesnt get a mention anywhere until he asks you about how its spent? I dont know if this is the general thought everyone else has, but you sure seem to be one of those shady charities you hear about once in a while in the news. Although it does sound like Robot donated that money pre-griefing. Either way, you still had at least 65k left over from donations to fix up this "major" grief incident and still proceeded to ask for donations. That really disappoints me.

    If in the future this happens again, i highly suggest being very clear about your situation (how much you have from donations from any time), updating the thread as soon as you have new information, and being more exact in the items you lost. Then people like me will feel more comfortable donating our resources. I personally let a thread play out first before i donate anything, and the beacon incident really discouraged me and likely other players from donating to you.

    I dont mean to chew you out or anything, im just letting you know that more honesty and clarity = more donations.
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