Im Sad I might go cry in a corner: Click to see why... :(

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Help me rebuild

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  1. Now im the bad guy cause i did'dt see something :(
  2. not meaning to be rude but it seems like you are blaming it on other people which isn't a good idea.
    If i were you i wouldn't post here anymore as you are ruining your rep a bit.
  3. Firstly is sad when this happeneds, however you only have your self to blame, you gave ppl perms on your res and even after the grifing you did not re-set the perms so no one's fault but your own.

    Second you created the thread to tell everyone and now you having a go at someone who is basically saying what I have just said.

    Players are warned contently to not give out perms on there res by admin. This is why the perm flags are in place to protect you. If you decide to go against that guidance then you really have no one else to blame but yourself.
  4. Agreed with silken...
    Thees a button when giving build that says give flags only to people you trust.
  5. At the risk of repeating what has been said numerous times, please be careful with your permissions.
    We don't track placement/destruction of blocks in town, as it is each players responsibility and right to protect their res.
    There really isn't anything which can be done without an admission of guilt in chat logs or screenshot of griefing in process, all i can do is re-emphasize the importance of carefully monitoring your permissions. :)
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