Im Sad I might go cry in a corner: Click to see why... :(

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Help me rebuild

Heck No 36 vote(s) 78.3%
Yes i Will Help You Because i am a niec person 10 vote(s) 21.7%
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  1. Just curious, but when was this first one?
  2. I'm sorry, but can you please try to make sentences legible? It's really hard to get what your saying. Sorry :p
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  3. Well after reading this OP and then the comments below, it's hard to determine what you did lose and what you wish you lost . Either way, don't give perms to people you just met or known for 3 months or less . And generally don't log out with perms out on your plot unless you like really really know them but then again it's not a good idea . Someone will most likely get banned for what they did but those items that were stolen are gone forever . There is only one mate I trust with full perms on one of my plots, he knows who he is and I don't state his name here.
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  4. NINJATTIL Said: "Pointless threads"

    I'm going to testify against this.
    Yes, he IS responsible for handing out perms, but he was just asking for some help. This is not a pointless thread.
    I have been told MANY times that "I Was just a spammer" and all my threads were pointless, so i know how deep this comment can go.
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  5. There we go :p
  6. I dislike your use of lying about the beacons. Also, please go over your words, because I couldn't understand the majority of your words.

    Otherwise, i'm sad about your loss. Though, it IS your fault for giving perms to untrustworthy people. I am unable to try to donate any rupees or items, but be careful of your every action that has to do with your residence.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for you...
    But it's kind of your fault.

    You are warned when you give perms to somebody.
  8. There's a difference between mean and strict.
  9. Well I looked, and by all means, the griefing looks minimal
  10. Well he lied about griefing and made it more dramatic than it was, he also said bad things about certain members of the community so I do find this thread pointless or in a Negative way.
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  11. Sir you seem to have a weird "cough" You see, normal "cough's" go "cough" but yours seem to be "caugh's" I can send you to one of our doctors. I think his name was Dr. Aikar. Would you like me to set up an appointment with him?
  12. Hilariously rude. Don't just be RUDE to a person that is telling the truth. Not trying to be all mean or something, but you should know who you give perms to. Don't be mean to people just because YOU lost stuff cause you gave build to people that you couldn't trust. Mba is completely RIGHT.
  13. Do not EVER give build/destory or even container that is working for you. He is trying to trick you. Jobs are for job purposes.
  14. you have a full keyboard, use it.
  15. Also, if they couldnt destroy them, then how were they hidden?
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  16. 5 people vote they will try to help 4 people vote heck no
    Everyone finds out beacons weren't stolen
    5 Help: 21 Heck No
  17. Well U didnt see all of it and the stuff they took were rare and expensive such as skulls and daimond blocks
  18. :p This did turn into something else
    All i was asking was for some as my friends Gooddumbdog,Rabidbunny.Equablehook624 And More to help me build part of it back. Equable Was Proboly upset because he was the one who made the floors.
  19. This smells fishy, i don't trust your friends.
  20. I dont trust anyone atm
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