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Help me rebuild

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Yes i Will Help You Because i am a niec person 10 vote(s) 21.7%
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  1. Really? Wow ._.
  2. I am spending so much money trying to regain all my stuff. My friend gooddbdog is helpig though
  3. So I posted this before and then saw Alex's post:
    I'm not too happy. You lied to everyone? That's not cool dude. That's scamming and taking advantage of people and HIGHLY looked down upon. People aren't going to want to help you EVER again if you do that.
  4. Yea person didnt have use t or container t so he coulnt take becons. He did tale all 266 iron blocks tat were ibder beacon though
  5. I dint sheash i thluht they were gone cause they wre hidden in a corner sheash im sorry -_-
  6. Hire Shade554 to investigate. He got me back about 1/3 of the items the griefer stole and the griefer was banned :3.
    If you try accusing someone in town chat or local/res that could be rude so try pming them and asking if he/she could give the stuff back and if they said they didn't do it then you can't keep pushing them.
    If you want to rule out suspects ask them if they can have container and look through every chest to see if there happens to be around the same amount of items.
  7. Waat?
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  8. Ok good idea
  9. I like how he skips the part with constructive critisism, but will take any advice that only gets him profit :p
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  10. Thats NOT what i did ok Sheash people!
  11. Correction:
    also, notice that :p?
  12. Although this may have been successful, players don't have the skills and tools available to them to catch griefers, so I would advise that anyone who has fallen victim to anything like griefing go straight to a staff member. :)

    What Pandas means is that you were asking for donations towards thing(s) that you didn't actually lose. You said this:
    But beacons aren't breakable without build flag? And in your OP and some other posts it indicates that your beacons were physically placed.

    You should be careful with what you say.
  13. and he said
    after saying
    also, if you have build, you can take anything. destroy chests.
  14. That's what I'm saying, lol
    You can't destroy chests with build :)
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  15. oh lol :p didn't quite get it :)
  16. Grammar Nazis strike again! :p
  17. Well, I can tell you, when you think someone is really nice you can give them perms, especially when you know them IRL or they did much for you already, but most of the time when I give someone perms, I reset them when I disconnect from minecraft. So I can't be logging in again and be all shocked by being griefed, and maybe not even knowing by who.
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  18. *caugh* Aikar *caugh*


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