Im Sad I might go cry in a corner: Click to see why... :(

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Help me rebuild

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  1. I Survived One Little Grief on my res, But my friends helped me rebuild it and stay strong. I woke up today to play but now i just wanna throw my cumputer away. The first thing i did was /home . . 6 wither skulls and so much more were stolen. More than 30k worth on hard earned daimond blocks. Glowstone,iron Everything that i ever worked hard for. I miht quit this server. But then my friends came on and i told them about it. They Went and tryed to help as much as they could. We are staying strong and will not let it fall into the wrong hands. :( If U are willing to spend some ruppes to be kind and help us rebuild 3660. Say I In The fourms. And if teh griefer is reading this, Please turn ur self in. U stole around 80k from me :(
  2. Firstly, you gave the person perms and it even warns you when you give build that it is your fault for someone griefing you. So you can't really complain. Also, remove all perms for people on your res with /res default. Thats about it.
  3. Thats what u alwasy say mean mba person. I was just sad. Ok u dotn have to do anythign if u dont care. Go do soemthin esl :)
  4. Wow, can't you keep your
    spelling right?(Not trying to be rude, I just never saw so many lettres in wrong order.Edit: Wow lettres, I meant letters:p
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  5. That is all anyone is going to say. And if you are going to call someone mean, at least do it in a reasonable manner. Not with every second word misspelt.
  6. Sad to hear that :( The first thing to do, like mba pointed out, is to remove all perms with the /res default command. But, you're the one who gave perms to the griefer, so you can't really complain.
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  7. Now, don't go around calling people rude. He was pointing out why you've been griefed, and how to stop getting griefed.
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  8. -_- I gave out perms to soem friends in real life taht didnt do it for sure and some other person doing a job for me
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  9. :rolleyes:
  10. I am sorry to hear that you were griefed and stolen from, I feel bad that you were and Even though it warns you, I think the theif/theives should still be found and punished. Whether they are or not is up to the mods. Next time remember to remove build permissions and don't set it to build true where everyone can build on the res.

    As far as calling everyone mean, they aren't. There are only a select few people on here who are really mean. Mba isn't mean, 607 is not mean, as I'm sure you're going to call him mean for commenting on your typing, AlexChance and JackBiggin are not mean and do not think they own the place or are better just because they were busy with bug team and couldn't go look at your res. I am not mean for explaining all this to you. If I wanted to be mean I would use some inappropriate words. Also I don't know your age but you sound like a little kid using the word mean. :/
  11. It's never wise to leave someone with perms that you're not familiar with while you leave. I'm not sure if this is seen as a rude response too, but if it would be... what's the point of this thread :confused:
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  12. Umm out of most people I know on EMC MBA is probably one of the Nicest people I have met. Also I have had over 27k of stone Brick stolen by someone I know what you feel but please avoid spamming the forums with pointless threads please :)
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  13. If you're sure it wasn't your friends, it was that person. Tell a moderator in a PM and they might just be able to investigate for you but I highly doubt that they'll be able to punish anyone, sorry. :)

    To add, make sure you don't give out perms again, even to your friends. If someone needs them however, make sure you remember to remove them.
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  14. I wanted to point out some things, but oh well... I guess I would sound mean (the most popular word in this thread) so Ill better say nothing else....
    PS. Im sorry to hear you got griefed AGAIN and in town :confused:
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  15. I don't like the way you spelled the first "computer."
  16. Lad long time no see :)
  17. 2 ppl saod heck no on pole :p
  18. Mods can track beacon removal and placement... I know this because jennypoo10 was recently griefed and the mods tracked down who did it. Just ask them to check the res... I'm sure they can find who did it :)
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  19. Turns out that he didn't lose any beacons, haha
  20. I am not too sure about that. I believe they are only tracked in the wilderness and nether.
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