I'm out.

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  1. Life is about movement, each step counts. For some it takes longer for others not, but reaching the end counts. We want to achieve too much in barely any time. Life is short. The universe is unending. Your life in comparison to the universe is like a flickering light "on" one time and never on again. Enjoy life. Discover and live. You will be here for a moment. May the universe bless and guide you to the path of truth.
  2. Somebody once told me that if you always put fun before hard work you will get no where. Of course that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have fun but of course to have the fun continue you need some or lots of hard work and if you are not prepared like a noob trying to hug a creeper everything you know will blow up in your face. Just remember every path has an ending you just need to choose the right one.
    (If you didn't understand what I said, don't worry barely anybody does)
  3. For me, I'd like to have a plan and a rough outline on where I want my life to go, at least by the end of school. I want my GCSEs, my A Levels or an apprenticeship if I can't deal with more exams, and I want enough money to take me to another European country or a few for a week or two so I can try and judge where I'd like to move to in like (mba2012 incoming with 'I know why you want to move ;)'), 10 years - or whether I want to at all, and to see if I can do the whole 'living by yourself' thing at least kind of properly. I can't cook, I can't clean anything, and I can't even wake myself up in the morning. That lick of independence could be an important learning experience for me, I think. I have friends to meet in those countries too (mba incoming with 'we all know who you want to meet ;)'), so :cool:

    That travelling thing is my goal for the end of these next 2 years. I don't know how, or if, I'll stick with stuff, but it's a short term goal and one of the only things I have at the moment. I'd rather have something like that to work towards rather than nothing at all.
    Funnily enough, also one of the many things I'd like to. I've attempted to start one a few months ago, but I let progress slide and I honestly have no idea where to take the story beyond what I've already done.

    And yes, as much as I love to hate this place sometimes, it's kind of like my extended family. There's nowhere else I'd share personal information to a big group of people (if I didn't have actual family here I'd reveal more, but that's not the case :p) without anonymity other than here. I think I'll be checking back a lot more than 'occasionally' - since I've posted this thread, I've had some social interaction, actual food, and I'm not as tired: I've realised there are balances I can strike out, that leaving doesn't solve everything - in fact it probably leaves a void. I don't know. We'll see.
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  4. Take ALOT of time off its not like you are incapable of logging in once a month then logging out? *This is Very Hard* You have to make time to study you have to make time for you. I know its hard but this is what i did.
    I Put the laptop away * I play EMC on it if I'm doing work* and i hand write everything. It might be tedious but it helps you in the long run. The problem i had was admitting i was addicted to EMC. It got to the point where i spent 12 hours on a sunday playing it not spending time doing what i should be doing in life. I think what you should do is Unplug the Computer until u ABSOLUTELY need it. Get your parents to make a new lock on the computer or password and work on your studies somewhere else. Nothing is more patronizing then seeing the damn thing in front of you. If you need to look something up Use your phone so it even limits yourself on the actual game to.*Pretty sure you have Wifi*. Hope this helps? PM me if you need to chat on your phone though :D
  5. This is why I'm planning to quit at the end of this summer when I go into my freshman year. I did the math- 19 hours homework a week. AND that's if I don't take honors English, which would be 23 hours a week.

    Work hard, be kind, keep and make friends, and live a happy life. Good luck on finding what your looking for.
  6. Mmmmm....disillusionment. Thank you for posting this. So yummy.

    Aweome...and you've realized you need to take action. It won't happen if you just float along and get a degree. So what action do you need to take?

    Here it is...

    a) Learn the craft.
    b) Practice the craft.

    Do that and you'll be a game developer. (I mean starting now. Waiting until after you graduate is too late.) Visit game development web sites. Play games. Think about how they were made. Think about how you could make them better. You've played minecraft a lot, right? Play minecraft again, but this time play it as a game developer.

    Good luck! :)
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  7. I agree, I personally took a small break from EMC cause it was distracting me from college and i wasn't able to get work done. I wasn't able to do the work that i needed to do, and if i don't do that work then their goes a LOT of money that my parents have saved up my hole life so i can got to a college, But instead of worrying about school i got to busy playing EMC (Not saying EMC is bad). When i had a MAJOR exam that would decide if i could still become the person i have dreamed and worked so very very hard to be, I had to stop playing MC and start really to push my self to thrive and study to do my work. At times i just wanted to throw my home work or class work at my teacher and say i can't do this anymore... I really see where you are coming from and i support your decisions, I do hope that you come back to EMC and i do hope your grades will rise up to what they were. Just know that as you keep going up a grade that it will get harder and harder each time! If you want to see a motivation video that i use when i struggle in school it will be below this message! Good luck to your dreams and future!

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  8. As a fallback you can always get a job writing children's books. I hear they have much lower standards.

    (no offense to anyone here that actually writes children's books)
  9. 'How many arms do you have?'

    idk, 7?
  10. Wait we have 9 fingers? What?
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  11. Maybe she's a boy?
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  12. All the best in your future Soul. Do what you have to do to make yourself happy and prosperous. Then you can come back to the EMC community if it is still in your interest. ;)
  13. Wow, this thread is making me laugh out loud a lot xD This is such an amazing combination of helpful advice and fun :p
  14. feeling heart broken that a bae is leaving and even more heart broken that they didn't even mention you in their leaving thread </3

    glad ur leaving tbh <3
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  15. Soul, you Will be deeply missed by all of us here on EMC and we want you to stay but I understand how you feel. I'm basically in the same situation, Though, I do study but not enough. It's difficult to let EMC go but I manage to often. I would suggest putting together a schedule with how you will spend you're time after school hours. I should do that or try at least but I haven't done it yet.

    I believe you can do this, we all do. We wish you best of luck :)
  16. sad 2 see u go. ofc i dont know u but i wonder if leaving will actually solve anything.

    b/c what are u gonna do when the next distraction comes along? EMC is totally awesome now say u meet that special person in life, now what? sometimes ur gonna have to face stuff which totally distracts u but is still part of who u are.
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  17. My other 'distraction' is in the same situation as me lol.
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  18. So, I've started the process of applying for a software developer apprenticeship to start in September today. It gets me about £200 a week, £800 a month, which is more than enough for a 16/17 year old I think :rolleyes:
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  19. Absolutely. That is; before I sent you my bill for online counseling and entertainment and such but not to worry: we'll figure something out :mad:

    (naah, sorry; couldn't resist this one :))

    But yeah, sorry to see you go man :/ Though I can perfectly understand it, I still hope you'll find a way to combine things so you get to enjoy all of it.