I'm out.

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  1. I wanted to add to what has already been said, but I'll keep this short (relatively).

    Real life is always going to be a roller coaster and sometimes it's good to have the escape and sometimes it's not. On EMC, we treasure the people behind the avatars SOOO much and want you to do your best in all aspects of life. That being said, if you ever need a little extra push to focus on real life and off EMC, or if you just want to talk, my inbox is always open.

    One day you'll look back and wonder where the time has gone. I'm not that old, but I'm already having those moments. Time is fleeting. I too changed my mind a lot when I was your age. I wanted to be in English, then I wanted to do Fine Arts, then I wanted to do science. Even now, I'm still developing and changing my goals in life. You don't have to start from one end of a line at point A and go straight to point B. You've got time to go in curly-cue's and end up at point F if you wish. Don't fret too much and like I said, my inbox is always open.

    Good luck!
  2. Wow that would be good that's 1467.93 Canadian dollars or for all you Americans $1130 exactly!
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  3. TL;DR:
    1. get as good education as you can
    2. see what people around you need and how you will help / be of service to them with your work
    3. try different things to find out what you really like, that's good investment of time
    You've already got really good advices - here is what comes from my experience and what I'd underline:

    At your age there is one primary goal: get as good education as you can. This is a must. Education is the main factor that will determine if during your life you'll be more of a "modern master" or a "modern slave".
    If you're not sure about what you like choose a more general high school / sixth form.

    Try different things and take your time to find out what you like and what you're good at. Don't panic if you don't have a plan now. You don't really need a plan besides on how to get the best education you can. Be flexible.

    When I was 15 I was like 100% sure that it will be electrical engineering, so I went to a high school with focus on math and physics. With 19 I've started EE study at a university and after 1 year I was 100% sure it will be software engineering instead, so I changed my study, the university and the country I live in. Was all that I did towards EE waste of time? Not at all.

    It is very important what you like to do, but it's even more important what people around you need.
    Every decent job is about being of service to other people, it's about satisfying some of their needs.
    Look what needs people around you have, where you could help them.

    Good luck!
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  4. And for those of you in the Eurozone (where I hope to be living within somewhere in the next 4-5 years :p): €247 a week, €991 a month. After tax and national insurance stuff - which gets automatically deducted anyway - it comes in around €909/£734/$1036... I think :p
  5. Whaaaaat 0.o. I can only dream for 909 euro's a month.... How many hours will you be making a week? (I just take it is a somewhat full time job, because as job besides school, this would just be about 5 times the money you get for jobs I see :p)
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  6. That does indeed seem like quite a lot :confused: I don't have any experience with it, though, so I wouldn't know, to be honest :p
  7. I don't know how many hours I'll be doing a week. My mum is sorting it out for me (I told her not to though) and hasn't told me anything about the hours I'm going to work. I can only assume about 8-9 hours a day, so 40-45 hours a week. In a year it makes me around £9,600, which isn't that much for an apprenticeship - a lot of them go into the £10,000-12,000 mark, and ones in the army and RAF go into £14,000.

    On your 'full time job' note, its kind of like that - except you get taught how to do stuff at the same time. I honestly think that's an important thing for me: I don't function well in traditional examinations - hence my low grades in my GCSEs I actually do revise for and know stuff about - and A Levels are much harder. An apprenticeship is more useful than A Levels also - they're only good for getting you into a university, which I don't have the ambition or drive to do. Its kind of like a job and school mixed together.
    And to answer this: it's a lot for an individual person, but I only get it for 2 years. On top of that, the UK is a relatively highish cost place to live, even in Scotland and the North, which are pretty poverty-ridden (insert bad stuff about the US, anti-Communism/Socialism ideals, Thatcherism, coal mines, and the Troubles). If I lived by myself, my monthly rent would cost around £400 and I'd only have about £200 left. Thanks to the UK's welfare state - which is facing a shaky future over the next 4 years, maybe 9 years - I'd be okay, but living off the state. If I didn't live with my parents and I earned that much, I'd be completely and utterly screwed lol.
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  8. Don't worry, just get life out of the way and then you can come back like I did
  9. We'll see you soon, good luck.
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  10. So, I'm not actually going to leave.

    Not yet, anyway. Making this post let me spill my thoughts out to people who had advice to give, stories to share, and it allowed me to think. I was going stir crazy at the time of making this post, and something really confusing happened to me the night before which added up to the problem. Didn't help that I woke up to have a second confusing thing happen to me with no explanation. Since then I've realised those two things don't matter, nothing changed drastically.
    I've gone out since then (to the Scottish border and like 5 minutes away to a shop lol) and its given me some time to think. I don't need to leave just yet. I have my first exam on the 18th, so over the next few days I'm going to preparing for that and reducing time here slightly. I'll be doing more revision too. Once May 3rd hits and the rest of my exams happen pretty much everyday until mid June, I probably will leave for that period of time. I just know that I'm not leaving permanently until I at least hit my five years here, and I won't be gone just yet - I'm sticking around for like, another week or three, albeit with reduced time :p

    I have no idea what's going on in September, though. I'm supposed to have my next step sorted by like May, but I haven't heard back from the college I applied to (I don't know how to apply to the only other one I'd go to so yay) and that apprenticeship application needs sorting still.
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  11. Well, it has now, you big dum dum.
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  12. Yay! Awesome sause ^^