I need some help with a stupid decision.

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Which Creepy Dollie should Seffy get?

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The Bunny 17 vote(s) 58.6%
The Dude 12 vote(s) 41.4%
  1. They Both came now.
    What happened was I ordered Ruby (Lady Clover) and then several months later I ordered Kai (David) and then when I was waiting for both of them to show up I found out about http://www.unoalchemy.com and ordered a Chibi Unoa. David showed up first, Coco Tribe was having issues filling orders so even though I ordered her in June she showed up after David. And then a week later, since it was a b-grade (already made and rejected from a-grade) The Unoa Showed up.
    Now I am saving for a Unoa Elder Brother Xyle.
    So... One of my hobbies, other than Minecraft, is that I collect Creepy articulated dolls to creep my Significant other out with.
    I feel like its getting to be time for me to get another one, but I am torn between two that I love.
    I know eventually I will get both. But I can't decide which one I want to save up for first.
    Don't Click on these links if you are afraid of dolls!
    I've wanted this one longer:
    (gray, 21cm)
    but I've got almost too many girls so I've been oogling male dolls and this one is one I've decided on:
    (a la carte style; this one is sold out)

    Help me out with my stupid decision.
    Also ask me any questions you wana ask.
    Also you should show me your dollies too if you have any.
  2. both
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  3. But it will take too long to save up that much monies, by then it will be my Birthday.
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  4. Use your birthday money. :b
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  5. I'm 32 and going to be 33. I don't get birthday money.
    Besides, for both of them it is $608 USD not including tax and or shipping.
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    Wow... I wish I had that money... Anyways...
    Since you want both... I checked both links and I liked the second one. the "(a la carte style; this one is sold out)"

    But... two things...
    1st. If the that one is sold out, in logic wouldn't it be better if you got the other one instead?
    2nd. Are those really worth THAT much? I mean, have you tried searching other places? Like eBay or Amazon

    Oh yeah, by the way, Happy Birthday XD (a lil early)
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  7. Ruby. Although the other one was nice and all, I feel Ruby has a certain elegance to her that is hard to capture.
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  9. Surely there are more options than that? ;) And if not, then why not simply discover more of his weak points (reliable resources tell me that there are usually more than one) and expand your working grounds? ;)

    Try to get him on the Empire, include others in your devious schemes and then really expand your successes ;)

    ...as long as he'll never get to see this of course ;-)


    Which one to get... I'm no expert by far but if you can get your hands on a limited edition set then that's surely the more appealing target? I'd probably focus my attention on that area and when all else fails use the other as possible backup / fallback.
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  10. Bunny is definitely the creepier of the two. That death-glare... *shudder* :confused:
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  11. I was digging through my mother in law's basement, which looks like a stereotypical serial killer's basement from a movie. Bare bulb light in the middle of the room, long, dark shadows in all corners, and piles of stuff pushed against the walls in an effort to keep them stacked.

    And I came across a doll.

    It was old, probably twenty years at least. It was in a cardboard box, which is the only reason why I opened it, as I wanted to know what was inside.

    It was wrapped in plastic, with a sheep of cardboard isolating the head to support it at the neck.

    Yeah, the thing looked like a miniature body dump in Leatherface's unfinished basement.
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  13. Yes. Both of them together are worth that much. The Ruby I want is $166.00 usd and the MiniFee Kai is 442.00 usd when you buy from the A La Carte option with the sleeping head on the maker's website.
    I wana buy from the source so that I can firstly Support the makers who take great pains to correctly cast the parts and who created them, and secondly so I can get exactly what I want. Also, unfortunately, although ebay is great for a lot of things for ABJD it is a haven for re-casters and scam artists. Its bad to take money from the artists in this way, but more importantly the resin re-casters and the like use can be toxic to touch for long periods.
    Its a great Idea though! I'm glad you were looking out for me!

    Ruby is So Great! Isn't she! Cute Cute Cute all up and down! She gonna Eat your Face Off!

    There are always More options! XD
    If I am honest I Really like dollies. Its just kind of a bonus to creep people out with them by leaving them posed somewhere unexpected.
    Limited edition is more appealing for most. If I get the full package it has great resell value. These objects tend to appreciate in value if you take care of them. One I got that isn't limited, but is no longer being made for various reasons, is worth upwards of $500usd, and I have lost a few option parts.
    But I am more interested in customization, so I will be getting blank dolls for both of them.

    I just posted that listing because it has the head I want. I'm gonna buy it without that stuff A La Carte. I didn't wana post that one because the listing for that one doesn't show the head I picked and because they are anatomically correct and undressed in the photos in that one.
    This is the head I want as it is when it is blank
  14. Is it weird that I think that is awesome?
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  15. Not at all, though I didn't think it was awesome when I was down there. Next time I'm over there, I'll get a pic.
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  16. I can see why that would not be a pleasant discovery.
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  17. Oh, no worries, It's always a pleasure to help someone :3

    Oh also I was trying to search on other places but I didn't found anything apart from that one on eBay. Sorry ;-;
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  18. There is a community I belong to where you can buy used dolls from people. I could do that, but I would be waiting a long time to get the ones I want.
    Etsy also has some dolls made by independent makers.
    I want those two though. Best to buy from the source. To be honest they are some of the cheaper ones. Check out the Website for Soom Dolls.
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  19. I would like to take the time to point out that I am not rich and have been saving up for a few months now. Also That will continue.
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