I need EMC Challenges!

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  1. Hey guys :D

    After me and EMC's YouTube temporarily dying a small period of time of a lack of videos and stuff, it's almost time for MOAARRR! I need all of your ideas for challenges that I can do on EMC!

    So the criteria is mainly common sense, but:
    • Please only suggest stuff that would not be insanely boring to watch (mine 60 double chests of dirt isn't a fun challenge)
    • Don't suggest completely impossible stuff
    • Stuff that can be done or edited into 15 minutes max videos is best - although longer ones are livestreamable
    • The more fun it is, the more likely it'll be done
    Thanks :D
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  2. How many mini bosses can you and a partner find and kill in 15 minutes :)
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  3. I dunno, but maybe a challenge of defeating the end dragon solo or in a small team?
    You would have tools, but would have to hunt and mine (not buy) for the materials to make the crystals and find a new stronghold to get there (but I'm not entirely sure there are any near, so it would take a while...).
    So, basically vanilla end dragon fighting from scratch (excluding weapons and armour).
  4. Crazy elytra stunts during hole in one!
  5. How many diamonds can a hamster find in 15 minutes?

    or maybe...

    How many withers can a hamster fight at once without dying?
  6. What is not to like about mining 60 DC's of dirt? I was about suggest that, now I feel insulted :mad: (naah! sorry, just kidding! :D).

    Ok... How about "who gets the most rupees". You find a cave in the wastelands which is relatively easily accessible (preferably with an opening on top, otherwise you got to do small preparations (don't overdo it or you risk adding bias!)). 2 or 3 players go near the start and then it's GO... 5 or 10 minutes time to gather the most resources.

    Wait for it, I wasn't done yet. Of course you don't do this on difficulty 4, no, you'll be using difficulty 7 (which would also demonstrate a unique EMC feature: difficulty settings). Better hope you don't attract Momentus :D

    Next stop (perhaps next episode?) => actually making money! You could add yet another challenge after the mining which is selling. Start in /spawn and players get 5 (or so) minutes to find a shop (/v +shop) which will buy their items at the best price. The idea here, apart from the challenge is also creating a little bit of a showcase of players residences. This would be a really fun way for newcomers to get a bit of a taste what to expect from EMC (in town).

    Suggestion: you'll come across false positives (residences which don't have a shop). My advice would be to leave that (some) in, but without "attacking" the player for it. You know... "oops, drats no shop here. I guess <name here> forgot to remove the shop tag. It happens, quick! onto the next one!"). EMC is awesome, EMC isn't perfect, and that would show a little bit as well.

    And another idea...

    This is blatant advertising for a friend of mine... Also: he's still working on this project, so be sure to contact him about it when interested (not me!): our own Tuqueque is working on a very cool Elytra project on his residence. I think it could provide an awesome challenge for you guys.

    Sorry for being vague here, I don't know for sure how much Tuqueque wants to share already so I'm keeping it vague in order to prevent spoilers. But trust me when I say that he has a very interesting setup. Who wouldn't like seeing players, uhm... "misdirecting?" their Elytra? :D

    And yet another one, also triggered by a little bias (just so you know):

    A parkour. Simple, to the point, something which we all do at times. There are plenty of cool parkours out there (I don't parkour often so...) and one which I particularly like is the one from my friend AussieZaid on SMP2. Its not too complex, still tricky, approved by staff and I also think it gives a nice impression of a player build.

    Hmm, maybe you could divide the 60 DCs of dirt mining across episodes? You know; show a little bit in every episode and when the chests are filled then the series has come to an end :D

    ok, ok.. maybe ignore that last part :)


    Ok, last one but it suddenly hit me! Something which is bound to amuse both newcomers (guests?) as well as EMC'ers alike:

    The challenge: to find a challenge. As in: something to do on the Empire. You start on a random server and then look around for stuff to do (best to do this at primetime, in the evening EMC time). The vlogger who suggests a challenge will also try to win it. How this would work?

    You're looking for a challenge and suddenly someone is announcing a skin competition (just to mention something). When one vlogger thinks this is fun and suggests that to the others he/she would also need to go for winning it. I'd try to get into such an event using multiple "recorders" and just go with the flow. See how the user event is being held (you can always edit stuff afterwards).

    If the vlogger who suggested the event wins he also won the challenge. Otherwise... Penalty time! :p

    Ok, and that's really all I have to add 8)
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  7. Solo the Ender Dragon with unenchanted iron armor.
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  8. Have you ever heard of Abba Caving (I don't know how to spell it, just heard em say it) That Graser10 has done on the Cube SMP? If not, here is how to play:

    You and your partner find a cave, and set up 2 different chests at the entrance. You then go down into the cave and see who can find the most ores in 15 minutes or less. Keep in mind that you HAVE to have a silk touch pickaxe because it is only fair. Here is the scoring sheet:

    Diamond: 5
    Emerald: 4
    Gold: 3
    Lapiz: 2
    Redstone: 1

    At the end of the caving session, you both find your way back to the start, and calculate how many points (ores) you got and whoever has the most ores takes home everything including the opponents ores.

    Here is a video that explains it better (skip to 1:08):
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  9. A fun idea would be to fight the end dragon and a wither(s) at the same time, that'd definitely be something I'd watch ;)
  10. Quick Question: Are you guys going to do only EMC related content? Or could you guys branch out to other games with Empirians? Including guest players and such. Also I think it would be a cool thing to participate in player ran events with each other or host your own and record.
  11. 1. From 0 to 1mil(or 100k) in less than 30min, you start with basic tools, you cannot sell items that you had. Discuss reselling techinques and that stuff. Have timer, you can buy/resell, mine, etc

    2. Get diamond by mining on waste with only chorus fruit( you may bring pick and echest for food and more fruit) the idea here is to not move using wasd

    3. Emc olympics redone by yourself?
  12. As was mentioned before "ABBA caving" is a good one. Also there was a challenge for a bit to get the highest level withing a certain time frame. Maybe like a race to lvl 30. I did this one and it's pretty fun. Also, no f3 allowed.
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  13. Build wars.

    Teams of 2.

    Each team is given a fixed amount of specific materials and two residences are used side by side (a wall is put in between so you can't look at the other one before it's over).

    Best build in the end is to be judged by judges of judging sorts.

    Good luck.
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  14. I feel like ABBA caving would be a good thing for Friday Night Miners/Miner Mania. Provide a little more challenge to the typical "go out and mine stuff" event.
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  15. Mob tennis, using knockback swords with someone else and see who kills it first :) (This may require some alteration to the mobs durability which would have to be set on random so both players would have a chance of winning a point).

    Shulker challenge - a race based on being hit by skulker's;
    The idea is that you have a set time to fly as far as you can by being hit by shulker's - could be done by a number of ppl all at the same time. :)
  16. Build competition in the End

    I don't know if Aikar nerfed the ender dragon, but compete with somebody and each of you try to build something in the end whilst the enderdragon is alive. Whichever looks better wins.
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  17. Lav-I mean...

    Arena survival. You and three other people (the most recent winners of Mob Arena, Mob Arena without items, and Firefloor, or something similar?) fight increasingly hard waves of monsters, and see what wave you reach.

    Make it a weekly thing. You and the winners of the other events. Also consider making short 'behind the scenes' compilation videos of your preparation on EMC for the survival to build hype. Making rupees, acquiring gear, and so on.
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  18. I have 3 suggestions.

    1. Have a BIG horse race with anyone who comes.
    2. Have a building competition!
    3. Using elytras you have to fly through hoops in the air. Whoever gets the farthest wins. ( if you land on a block in the hoop it counts you can relaunch there if u like XD
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  19. You should mine 60 DC of dirt, while fighting off two Ender dragons.

  20. Not exactly an original idea, as a YouTuber is already doing this in his singleplayer series that hasn't been updated in months but...

    Collect a single (or double, if you want more challenge) chest of every item obtainable in survival.