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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Acemox2k, Jan 18, 2016.

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  1. For those aware of the conversation yesterday in another forum post, this is a screen shot (I hope it works) of the CHEST in question where I got the "Aikar treasure voucher" that everyone is saying that I stole from someones base because how could a player with only 120 days find something so wonderful. I am quite comfortable discussing this because I know that it is not stolen. I also think that the people on that post who openly proclaimed me a thief should come forward and lets get this cleared up.

    Speaking of thieves, someone has come to my res and stolen from my chest where I keep a public access book for messages with my friends and cleaned out all the snacks I leave in there. A small issue, but just the icing on the cake to be called a thief and then to be robbed.

    Yes I have only been on since Nov. or so but I am on almost 10- 12 hours a day almost every day when I am not at my doctors for my TBI and PTSD from my service injuries. Exploring the frontier and wasteland, mining, collecting resources and making safe places for players to restock their food and other supplies is what I like to do.

    Anyway, I thought about it and I want this cleared up. I will not stay in a place where people think I am a thief. I have done nothing wrong. This is to stressful for me, I am about ready to throw all my promos, vouchers, name tags, everything in the lava and go back to solitary minecraft. I would welcome a staff member who is knowledgeable about this voucher to please review the other forum posts and accusations. http://empireminecraft.com/posts/1103474/
  2. It isn't even mildly surprising to me that the specific people that accused you of theft did that with minimal knowledge. Not in the slightest.

    I'm sincerely happy that you of all people own this item. I'm sure somebody else would have buckled under pressure and did something ignorant, but you stood your ground because you knew you didn't do anything wrong.

    I'm happy for you.
  3. Like what MrsWishes said, you shouldnt let those people put you down. They are just the minority of EMC. As long as you know you're innocent, that should be good enough.

    Even though i do not know the background/context behind this so called "theft" thing, I'm sure if it was really theft, you would have been banned by now :rolleyes: But you're not, so dont feed the trolls that say you are:)

    On the side note, dont put your access sign to [everyone] and no one will steal your books that are meant for your friends.
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  4. Not involved in either part of this, but thought I'd help give you a link to the image for people since it doesnt show:

  5. You sell this treasure slip per say?
  6. Thank you for the assist mehtryx. This is the first time I have tried to post a pic. I am still not sure what I did right or wrong to the pic, but this is the moment I found the chest surrounded by endstone floating in the air in the normal fashion of all the other bonus chests. When contacted by staff, I will give more detailed info on specific location because Aikar had locked chest, locked craft table and locked oven outside a cave not to far from the location and I don't know if Aikar wants everyone to know about that. So there is some more info for those in the know to figure out what I am talking about.
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  7. Please don't let the accusations of a few hasty posters deter you from continuing your good work here in the Empire. I, for one, really love it when people like you go out of your way to to do nice things for random users like leaving food and such for travelers. I also tend to build things from which everyone can benefit, like the SkyBridge on smp1 between Center and East Outpost.

    Regarding bans, they really shouldn't be threatening you with this because EMC staff investigates every report quite thoroughly before taking action- if you don't break the rules, you're totally safe ^_^
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  8. Don't really have anything to say, except that I really believe you're not a thief, that's definitely not how I'd see you, you've been very nice to me ingame. :)

    Also, maybe this link can help you with images: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/posting-an-image/ (the link is below the post reply button :))
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  9. You are a thief and don't deny it.
    You stole my stone slab heart. <3

    Also, stay on the empire. We love you; it was just a misunderstanding.
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  10. Just ignore them. An if you are willing to sell i am willing to buy will give you a hefty price for it.
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  11. Thank you everyone, it is nice to hear everyones support. I know it is just the actions/thoughts of a few that are in question not the majority. I wont burn all my stuff and although I may slip into woods for a bit to my country place after all this excitement, I believe its people like you guys that make this a great place to be. Thanks for the support.
  12. Let's see.. 2 people accusing you vs. the 9 on this thread that are supporting you (one of which is a mod :eek:) Please don't let a few bad apples kick you off the empire. Like Mercenary said, staff wont wrongfully ban you with the word of two players. :)
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  13. Seems you originally wanted me to reply with a really long apologetic post, but that isn't going to happen. For the simple reason that you are the one who randomly came into my thread and claimed to have this slip. My thread had nothing to do with your slip. There was a short list of the items I wanted to talk about, none of which had anything to do with any version of the Vault Voucher. Therefore, you shouldn't have had said that on my thread in the first place -.-

    I will admit that I was wrong in you being a thief. However I would also like to point out that recent bonus chests are not hidden inside builds. They're naked chests so no one has to do anything destructive. Unless it's in town.
  14. I didn't realize that you even had a heart StoneSky. :eek::p

    And on line with the thread, don't leave this wonderful server because of a few people. There are lots of good people around. ;)
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  15. I Believe This Issue has Escalated far too much. I now know you got it from Aikar's chest, and not Anyone personal Chest, So I do not think you are thief!
    My only Concern to why I stated "Yeah, I wouldn't buy it from him, It is stolen. Stay away from that, I have reported his post to staff."
    Was Because, You Said "I found it in the frontier in a chest",
    And You Being only 122 Days Old, It threw up a Red Flag (Warning) To me, Thinking You took it from someones Personal Chest, And not Knowing since you are only 122 days old.
    If You would Have stated, It was in a Random Aikar Chest, And not a Personal Chest, I would HaveUnderstood Better.
    Can you see my Concern When I saw that? I Did Not know if you stole it or not at the time.
    Now since you have proved you got it from an Aikar Treasure Chest, I can Understand now.
    The only Reason it was a misunderstanding is because, If you would have gotten it from a personal chest, And Said " I got it from a Frontier Chest", And Everybody would have ignored and thought you got it from an Aikar Treasure Chest, You would have gotten a Free Treasure Slip. So now that I know you got it by yourself legally, I will Congratulate you on finding it, You Will be a fairly new rich member if you decide to sell! I suggest staying on the empire, As You won't regret it! :)
    I have also Pm'ed you On the forums. :)
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  16. How did you manage to get the Treasure Slip? Was it hidden? I am curious. :rolleyes:
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  17. Well, you should write a long apologetic post. Him asking the price of the voucher on your thread and you accusing him of theft are two totally different things. His asking the price of his slip on your thread wasn't that big a deal, especially considering he was a new player. But you accusing him of theft in the manner you did is. You didn't even mention that you didn't like him asking the price on your thread before he made this one.

    So I'll give you a piece of advice. Be a little mature and apologize.
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  18. Hidden inside an endstone build in the frontier.
  19. You are free to read my thread, then.
    I've already apologized for what I think is due. If you want me to apologize for anything more, you're just going to be disappointed.
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